Birchbox August 2015

This month’s Birchbox has some great products for the summer time! But before I feature the goodies and my first impressions, here is a run down of my final thoughts of the Birchbox I received last month (you can check out my post all about it here):

The Verdict on the Candidly Nicole Box:

  1. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin ExfoliantUnfortunately, I was not able to use this product and my husband has not been able to use it long enough to see any results. Overall, I would not recommend it for sensitive skin.
  2. LAQA & Co. Cheeky Lip Tint in Humble Brag

    The color has truly grown on me and I think it is great for the lips. However, I tried to use it as a cheek tint and I have not been able to find a perfect balance for it; either the color is too strong a pink and I look like I have rosacea or I apply too little and the color is not detectable. The cheek tint might work better with darker skin tones and I would recommend exfoliating the lips and/or using a moisturizing lip balm prior to applying the color.
  1. OPI Venice (Fall/Winter 2015 Collection): Color in Pretty Penne

    The color was very pretty as the name implies 😉 Plus, the color lasted 5 days before it started chipping. That is a record for me considering I did not apply a top coat. I did use my Essie All-In-One polish as a base coat. Final answer: I would purchase this nail polish again for its long lasting beautiful color.
  1. Rene Furterer | LISSEA Leave-In Smoothing Fluid
    Hair blow dried with LISSEA Leave-In Smoothing Fluid

    I used this product prior to blow-drying my hair as indicated and I did not like the results as much as when I flat ironed my hair with it. First things first, I blow at blow-drying my hair! I can’t even remember the last time I blow-dried my own hair so that gives you an idea of the disaster I went through. The product did not feel as though it distributed well and I was left with an oily residue all throughout. My hair also lacked luster and I had more frizz than if I air-dried my hair out in the humidity! If you are an expert at blow-drying than this product might work, but it works even better with a flat iron because it gets rid of the oiliness and adds tons of shine.
  1. St Tropez Gradual In-Shower Tan
    Before and After St Tropez Legs 1 Week
    Unfortunately, this product was a bust! I used it every day for a week straight with no results. I shaved and exfoliated prior to my first application of the product and I did not shave my legs for the entire week to see if it worked! It’s nice not to look like an orange after using self-tanner, but $25 (price of the full-size version) for not even a hint of color is a waste; the slight color difference you may see in the pics is related to the variation of the natural light on both days. Innovative idea but needs improvement.

Now on to the new box for the month!

Soak It Up Birchbox 2015 Open Box with Products

Theme: Soak It Up!

This box represents the peak of summer and promotes the importance of minimal makeup, hydrating skin care, air-dried hair, and sun protection.


  1. Air Repair Complexion Boosting MoisturizerAir Repair Complexion-Boosting MoisturizerThis moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize dehydrated skin. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body and it is a major component in the skin for tissue repair. Excessive exposure to UV rays AKA sunburn degrades the production of hyaluronic acid, therefore adding it back to the skin may help in skin healing and repairing.
    So far I tested out the product for 24 hours and I did not break out at all! Instead, I had reduced redness and my skin felt soft.
    The moisturizer is described as rich, however it was very light and absorbed quickly with no residue on the skin; making this a product that may work for all skin types as advertised.
  1. Balance Me Congested Skin SerumBalance Me Congested Skin SerumThis product is 99% natural and it is meant to calm, balance, and soothe breakouts and blocked pores. I love products with natural ingredients especially since my sensitive skin does not do well otherwise. But I was apprehensive about trying this product because it contains lavender oil and I have experienced bad reactions to many other natural products with lavender in it.
    I used the product overnight on some spots that I had and I did not apply it all over my face. I was pleasantly surprised! The serum did not irritate my skin and my spots and redness were reduced significantly!
    This product is also meant for all skin types and my husband is trying it out too to see if works just as well for him 😉
  1. Coola Face SPF 30 Unscented Matte TintCoola Mineral SunscreenA mineral-based moisturizer meant to even skin tone with a light tint and to soften skin with a matte finish. Immediately, I loved that it was a more natural and unscented physical SPF product because chemical sunscreens irritate my skin (check out more about physical versus chemical sunscreens here). The application of the product was very smooth and unlike most sunscreens it was not too oily or too dry.
    I did find that it was moisturizing, however the tint provided no coverage whatsoever! I applied the product over several times thinking it might be more of a buildable tint, but it did nothing as you can see from the pic.
    Coola Tinted Mineral Moisturizer on Face Before and After
    I still think it is a very promising product and I will test out its sun protection in the upcoming weeks.
  1. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – Natural Tint: Before and After Klorane Dry Shampoo
    Klorane Dry Shampoo
    This dry shampoo is meant to be tinted for brunettes and to absorb oil and bring life to hair without having to wash it daily. Hair contains natural oils that can be stripped off if washed on a daily basis, therefore it is suggested to wash your hair at least every other day. For someone with normal-dry hair like me, I often go longer without washing my hair because the more I wash it, the more dry and frizzy it gets.
    The idea of using a dry shampoo appeals to me especially for the days I have freshly washed hair and my scalp gets sweaty from a heavy workout or from being outdoors. I have only tried the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo with no results so I was excited about this product.
    You shake the bottle before use and then spray it about 10 inches away from your hair, focusing mainly on the roots. You then wait 2 minutes before brushing your hair to distribute the product evenly and to remove the powder that is left.
    The spray was white like baby powder and it was difficult to comb out. Although the dry shampoo did absorb the oil from my scalp it left white flakes that looked like dandruff. Also I did not witness a tint fit for brunettes.
  1. LAQA & Co. Cheeky Lip Tint in Humble BragLAQA & Co Lip and Cheek Tint in Humble Brag Sadly, I already received this product with the Candidly Nicole box 🙁 It would have been nice to receive a different color, but that just means I can share the wealth and give away the extra to a friend 🙂

But wait…there’s a…

BONUS: The Soak It Up box included an offer to purchase Marcelle’s Mini Waterproof Eyeliner Kit for just $18 (a $35 value)! That’s not all! There’s an exclusive free gift of a full-size bottle of Marcelle Gentle Make-Up Remover included with the purchase of the eyeliner kit or any Marcelle product.

The inclusion of products with natural ingredients was right up my alley and we will see the full turn out of most of them with next month’s Birchbox delivery!

“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.” – Audrey Hepburn

What are some of your summer must-haves?

Much Love,

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  1. Great Review!! I am currently testing the St. Tropez tanner too and so far I have not seen anything!! I really don’t know how people like the in shower stuff! It really doensn’t work! I am starting to wonder if they paid for there positive reviews haha! Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but all the bloggers I have seen reviewing it hate it!!

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