The Quickie Smoothie

Quickie Smoothie with Background with Organic Super Greens and Dole Mixed Fruit

We are at the peak of summer and by far it has been one the hottest South Florida has experienced in years! We have been seeing temperatures rise up to the upper 90s (Fahrenheit) and a few days have reached 100 or the “feels like” 100 stage. Not to mention the humidity that is a staple of our area.

The hubby and I had the unfortunate displeasure of having our air conditioning unit break and we spent 3 days without AC. When we finally got our AC up and running the inside of our house had reached a temperature of 90 degrees!

Fun Fact: The highest temperature officially recorded in history was 134 F on July 10th, 1913 at Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, California, USA.

During our no AC time, we were very busy working (we work from home) and we did not desire to cook in the house to reduce the chances of it getting hotter inside. Also, we were practically melting and hot meals were not appealing.

That is where The Quickie Smoothie comes in!

We like to stock up on frozen fruits and vegetables for various uses and we purchased these two from BJs Wholesale:

Organic Super Greens

The Fresh Express organic super greens mix contains spinach, baby kale, arugula, swiss chard and it does not come frozen. We usually buy two of them and freeze one and use the other for salads.

Dole Frozen Mixed Fruit

The Dole frozen fruit mix contains peach, mango, strawberries, red grapes, and pineapple

All that was needed to make a delicious, nutritious, and refreshing smoothie was:

2 handfuls of the Super Greens Mix (frozen)

2 handfuls of the frozen fruit mix

Blended in the Nutribullet tall cup (or your powerful blender of choice) with water at max line (12 ounces of water).

Nutrients in fruits and vegetables work synergistically. For example, vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron, which helps with anemia. Vitamin D aids in calcium balance which can help in maintaining bone mass.

The Quickie Smoothie is a mix of goodies making it a multivitamin in a cup!

Try some and smile!

Quickie Smoothie Top View

What helps keep you cool in the summer time?

Much Love,


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7 Comments on The Quickie Smoothie

    • Yes I love smoothies! Got addicted when we got the Nutribullet and I’ve been creating things I never thought possible lol it’s hard to keep up with them all:p

  1. Great idea for keeping cool in the summer. I love my nutribullet! Don’t use it as much as I should though lol. I stock up on popsicles in the summer. Not the healthiest, but it’s so comforting!


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