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V.C. Andrews Dawn Inside Book Cover

“Momma once told me that she and Daddy named me Dawn because I was born at the break of day. That was the first of a thousand lies Momma and Daddy would tell me and my brother Jimmy. Of course, we wouldn’t know they were lies, not for a long time, not until the day they came to take us away.”

Title: Dawn

Author: V.C Andrews

Genre: Gothic Horror, Family Saga

The Reason:

I chose this book because I loved reading V.C. Andrews’s novels in middle school and high school. I remember getting hooked to every story and since each chapter ended in a cliffhanger I would stay up late nights reading. That’s my kind of book 😉

The Scoop:

The story is told through the eyes of Dawn Longchamp: a teenage girl whose life revolved around family.

Dawn, her mother and father, and her brother Jimmy were poor and rarely settled in one place. For this reason, she did not place value on possessions, but on trust, love, and hope within the only constant in her life…her family. Dawn displayed the light in the darkness of the many downfalls her family experienced. She was always the one to bring words of encouragement and often willingly sacrificed her own needs and wants to make everyone happy. Dawn also felt secure within her family circle regardless of the continuous financial hardships they faced.

Finally, things started to look up for the close-knit group when Dawn’s father received a promising job offer. They were all able to move to a bigger place and Dawn and Jimmy had the opportunity to go to a prestigious school. Unfortunately, their newfound hope is shattered when the truth about the family’s obscure history is revealed and Dawn is left feeling lost, alone, and without a place to call home.

The Take Away:

I enjoyed the suspense and unexpected twists from reading V.C. Andrews novels in the past and this book did not seem to have that. I found it to be predictable, like if you have read one of her novels you have read them all. But I wonder if this has anything to do with V.C. Andrews’s ghost writer.

V.C Andrews was a success with several of her novels and when she passed away there were a few she left unfinished. The Andrews family then contracted a writer named Andrew Neiderman to finish the novels she had started and they, too, were a hit. Neiderman has continued to write novels and series inspired by V.C. Andrews long after her demise.

I wonder if the lack of surprise is due to Andrew Neiderman continuing with the same type of stories V.C. Andrews was known for and that’s why it is more like déjà vu instead of something new. But I also take into consideration how my familiarity with the novels may also have contributed to the predictability of the story.

The Finale:

If you have not read V.C. Andrews before you may still enjoy Dawn. There were cliffhangers at the end of each chapter that will keep you wanting more making it a quick read because it is hard to put down. Although I guessed what would happen before it did, it was still an entertaining read and I just found myself saying out loud, “I knew it!” Then having to explain to my husband what I was talking about. LOL

Overall, I would recommend it more for young adults who enjoy stories of scandal, drama, and the unveiling of dark pasts.

What authors do you find yourself going back to? Share some recommendations!

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  1. I can’t believe you read V.C.Andrews!! I was hooked when I was much younger! Those books were awesome. I can’t remember the names of the books, but I love this style of writing! My fav authors are John Grisham (mystery), James Patterson (mystery), and Eric Jerome Dickey (urban romance).

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