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I have not worked out in a gym in years! But I love to exercise and although I like to keep a steady streak of physical activity, I also need to change it up.

Working out at home allows me the flexibility to exercise whenever and do whatever I would like to do. Feel like Pilates? Weight training? Zumba®? You name it and I can most likely get it done at home.

I do have a few different types of exercise equipment at home and I also have purchased exercise videos. But most of the time I simply use my own body weight and I use tons of free resources online.

Several close family and friends have asked me what I do to stay fit from home. I figured I would start Move It Monday to share the exercises that I have done for the week to help those who would like to work out from home with results.

This past week I kept it light for myself since I had the unwanted monthly visitor with all the joys that come with its presence. Ladies, you feel me…unfortunately.

So let’s move it!

Day 1:

I took part of a 7-day push-up challenge hosted by Gina from Popcorn and Pandas via Facebook. Gina is a rock star! She is a motivational fitness coach and she was doing push-ups along with us with her cute, full term (37 weeks!) pregnancy belly.

Gina from Popcorn and Pandas Push-Ups

Photo from Gina’s Facebook

I did this challenge to build up my upper body strength since it is one of my weak spots. This was my last day of the challenge and we had to do 60 push-ups of our choice. Here is what I did:

10 clap push-ups
10 diamond push-ups
10 wide push-ups
20 single leg push-ups (10 on each side)
10 basic push-ups

This challenge really helped me gain strength on my upper body and try different push-ups I did not think I could do.

Day 2:

I decided to work on my lower body since my arms were sore from 7 days of push-ups!

I started with a quick warm-up from Fitness Blender.

I wanted to squeeze in some cardio with leg exercises and I found this workout from ICON UK.

I found that it was more like synchronized jumping instead of dancing so if you are not much of a dancer this workout is still great because it does not have complicated choreography. However, if you are unable to jump due to any medical or physical issues I would not recommend this video.

I finished off with a cool down, also from Fitness Blender.

Day 3:

I was sore all over and feeling exhausted so I decided to do a light stretch on this day. I picked a stretch workout that would also work on strength and flexibility; two major things I am working on.

Day 4:

This day I worked on my abs and I turned to good old Pinterest because I wanted to watch TV while I exercised.

I found this workout that I pinned on my Fitspiration board:
Fitness Magazine Female Abs PhotoImage from Fitness Magazine
Click on Image for workout or click here

Do not be fooled by the seemingly easy moves! I did two sets of 15 repetitions of each exercise and my abs were burning!

*Be sure to warm up and cool down with each workout. The days I didn’t use a video to guide me, I did my own warm up and cool down.

Gym or home? Which do you prefer?

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Much Love,


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31 Comments on Move it Monday

  1. Unfolding you the author.
    “Uncategorized, uninhibited, and unafraid to unfold the underneath undividedly”
    I liked this.
    If you can visit my blog I have done one of this type on my “About:”
    I was rather happy you to know you are health-conscious and that makes helluva diff in life you see.
    I have taught thousands to YOGA, and have conducted classes and about more than hundred of them are yoga teachers.
    The bad part of it is most of them do not continue with the training given, slowly they get back to their old lethargic routine.
    Lots of Love to YOU.

    • Thank you again, Shiva, for your warm and inspiring words:) You’re right…many end up following something because it is “the thing” at that time and don’t make real, meaningful changes for their own life.
      I am glad we connected:) Following and exploring your blog right now!

  2. You Rock! I’m a fitness instructor and I’m in the mental health field as well! It is hard to workout at home, I try to do this with my husband when I have to workout at home…he adds a motivation/ competitive aspect. Otherwise I need to go the gym or an adventure race to give me some accountability. I get my new playlist so that I have motivation.

  3. Glad I stumbled upon your blog! I’m also in the mental health field. It was very difficult finding a job after school…still in my first year. Good luck to you, and I look forward to getting to know you. Hopefully we can swap stories and advice! 🙂

  4. I enjoy the social aspect of the gym. Gets me in front of people since I work from home. I also enjoy the feel of heavy free weights in my hands and the investment in a full home gym would be both financially and spatially burdensome.

    Enjoying going through your blog.

    • I completely understand! I work from home, too, but I guess I am a recluse LOL I do miss the weights and my dream home includes a great gym….but I gotta get rich first LOL Thank you for stopping by and for the follow:) Your blog is pretty great, too!

    • Yes lol working out at home can get tough for me too when all I want to do is lay on the couch with my girls (doggies) and my hubby:) With the gym you will have to just pencil it in your schedule (Literally! Write it on your phone calendar with an alert) and have your gym bag ready (maybe even keep it in your car) so it makes it easier to stick to;) Starting back is the hardest, but once you do it you get a boost and can’t stop;)

  5. Hi dear Nena, thank you for following me 🙂 I love your blog!
    Looking forward to your future posts 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!
    I followed you on all other social media sites too :*

  6. Don’t you just love Kelli and Daniel from Fitness Blender! WAt the moment I am mixing up a 60 minute session of Blogilates and Fitness Blender. I really like Cassey Ho’s short videos and mixing them with short cardio bouts from Fitness Blender really keeps the heart pumping during her Pop Pilates sessions.

    • Yes!! Love them both myself:) That’s a great idea to mix them up! Usually I’ve used Blogilates when I’m short on time, but your idea is awesome! Thank you, love:) Hope we can motivate each other to keep on moving;)

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