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Ready for another round of heart-pumping, sweat-inducing workouts for the week? Of course you are! And all at the comfort of your own home (or at your desk) 😉

Moving right along…

Day 1:

I wanted to work on my upper body today and, as my usual, watch TV at the same time.

Side note: At the end of each workday, my husband and I enjoy winding down together via Netflix. So if I am not able to work out before work I find exercises I can do while we watch our favorite shows.

5 Minutes to Toned ArmsImage from Pinterest

I did 3 rounds of these exercises and I used 8-pound weights for the bicep curls for added intensity.

Add in a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down and you got yourself a 25 minute workout!

Day 2:

Today was lower body day and I decided to go with Cassey Ho’s Blogilates videos to utilize my own body weight.

Cassey has wonderful short, quick, and to the point Pilates type of exercises and they are great! No matter how easy they seem, I end up sore with after her videos every time.

I do have to warn that Cassey is very perky. LOL. Imagine an aerobics video from the 80s. As much as I do love her energy, sometimes it is a bit much for me, especially early in the morning. But it does make her unique and it wakes you up!

I used one of her 5-minute videos as a warm up.

I followed with one of her 15-minute workouts.

Wrapped it up with a few cool down stretches of my own before heading to take a shower!

Another 25 minutes done!

Day 3:

I wanted to take this day to stretch and I turned to my Fitspiration board on Pinterest to use one of my favorite stretch diagrams.

Stretches for Flexibility Diagram

Image from Pinterest

Unfortunately, I am unable to locate the source of this wonderful infographic because the website does not lead anywhere.

Other than that, this has a great sequence of stretches, although I admit I can’t do them all as pictured, but they do their job at relieving muscle soreness.

Estimated duration: 20-25 minutes (17 minutes if you count only the 30 seconds that you hold each position)

Day 4:

Today I did not wake up early enough to exercise and I had a Ladies Night to attend to after work. That meant that I had to workout at my desk. Yes, you read that right.

I have found many articles in the past on how to workout while you work. Most of them include going out for a walk or doing exercises that involve stopping what you are doing, which is not always feasible.

Leave it to Popsugar to provide an amazing series of exercises that can be done at your desk and you can do all, but one, while you type. Genius!

Yoga Pose on Work DeskImage from Popsugar. Click on image for exercises or click here.

I did the 5 exercises twice and had planned for a third round, but I got distracted…oops!

Day 5

Today was another unwinding day with the hubby so I used exercise videos on mute.

I warmed up with Jillian Michaels and she is one of a kind! She has a commanding presence just with the way she walks! Seriously, play the first few seconds of the video where she walks in and you will see what I mean.

Next, I turned to BodyRock. Their videos were my saving grace during a period in my life where I had only 15 minutes or less to exercise. With their high intensity interval training (HIIT) types of exercises you can have a quite effective workout in a short period of time.

Again, I had the videos on mute so I did not realize some exercise equipment was “needed”. However, I did the video with no equipment whatsoever and still worked up a sweat!

When weights were involved I pretended to have them and used resistance with my arms.

I did the triceps dip on the floor, but you may also use two STURDY (emphasis intended) chairs to simulate the bars in the video.

For the “Step-Up & Kick-Out”, I got on my toes for the step-up part and lunged when I stepped my leg back.

Finally, my cool down was back to Jillian Michaels.

The video is short so I marched in place for about 1-2 minutes to reduce my heart rate before I did the video.

About 27 minutes completed 🙂

What are some of your favorite fitness celebrities? They might just make a cameo on the Move It Monday series 😉

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”
– Jim Rohn

Much Love,


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  1. Stretch! Stretch!! and Stretch !!!
    Your body and you stretch your life.
    The youthful look stretches longer.
    The mind stretches into Peace.
    This is the knowledge and experience I am stretching it to YOU.
    I am very happy to know that you are stretching your education into your profession.
    Pats! Pats!! Pats !!!

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