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Silhouette with arms raised at sunset“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

Recently, I have been placing monthly challenges on myself to achieve a goal or try something new. I can easily get caught up in a routine and I end up doing the same ol’, same ol’ and end up feeling stuck in a rut.

The word “challenge” spikes a drive in me to push through to overcome whatever task I have in front of me because it will not be an easy venture. Often times when something is simple, we tend to write it off by saying:

“Pfff, that’s easy. I can do that in no time at all. No need to worry about it now.”

The definition of the word challenge is the difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it. However, many of us, including myself, do not enjoy things to be difficult ALL the time. For this reason, I liked the idea of doing 30-day challenges.

Lifestyle changes are important, especially if we are referring to our overall well-being. But some changes seem very tough to grasp and sometimes we do not know where to start. Small steps are attainable and much more sustainable than a big leap. So focusing on doing something for 30 days helps us to stick with a step on a daily basis to reach our final goal at the end of the month.

The following are the challenges I have done the past 2 months:

July: Jiggle Free Challenge

Jiggle Free July Challenge

Image from Pinterest (Originally from BodyRock)

Mainly, this challenge was one that I decided to do to promote Worksite Wellness; something I will explain more in a future post. In a nutshell, I have tried to find 30-day fitness challenges for my coworkers and I to do together to promote moving around more since we have desk jobs.

I decided to post this challenge on Instagram to keep myself accountable and also to push myself to do some sort of physical activity on a daily basis.

There were days I did not have the chance to do the specific exercises on the calendar because it was my birthday month and we partied and traveled 😛 But I ended up piling up the days that I missed together as part of a workout because I was determined to do every exercise on the calendar!

YOUnfolded July & August Challenge 2015

Photo from my Instagram @YOUnfolded

I felt great afterwards and I actually saw more definition on my legs as a result!

August: Yogi Tea Skin Detox

Yogi Skin Detox Tea with Tea Cup set

I had clear, blemish-free skin up until my 20s where a combination of hormonal changes and stress wreaked havoc on my skin. Things started looking up for me as I got closer to 30, but one of the most insane years of my life (when I did my internship for my master’s degree) caused my skin to go haywire in a way I never had seen before.

I tried the Skin Detox Tea from the Yogi® brand because of its raving reviews, but it did nothing for me during my “crazy” year. Actually, nothing worked to soothe my skin until I finished the internship and it cleared up within a month!

Now, in my 30s, I have dry and sensitive skin with red marks left behind from previous battles. I also have the occasional small breakouts “monthly”. I wanted to try the Skin Detox tea again to see if it truly worked now that I have less stress and a more balanced life.

Before and After Yogi Tea

From the pictures you can see it does nothing for breakouts or marks on your face like others have claimed it does. However, what you cannot tell in the pictures is that the tea did what it says in the box it will do:

“Supports A Healthy Glow”

I found that some of the glow from my younger years returned and my face felt more moisturized and supple. I enjoyed the rose taste of the tea both hot and cold and it forced me to drink something other than my usual water; not that drinking plain water is bad, but it added a bit of excitement in my life 😀 Besides, I love tea and I had not enjoyed it on a daily basis in a long time.

September: Get in Order

I just got married January of this year and we have had our own place since. Yet, I still feel like we haven’t fully moved in because we have boxes in the garage, missing furniture, and things to organize around the house.

I would love for our house to look like a magazine home or at least look cozy and nicely put together. I want it to finally feel like home. We also do not have any pictures up on our walls and our wedding photos have remained on the hard drive.

So it is about time I get this house in order and that will be my challenge for this month!

These challenges are not just about being productive, achieving something, or checking off an item from our life list (AKA bucket list), but it is also about making each day memorable and meaningful. Staying engaged in our lives daily prevents our days from being mundane or routine.

Let’s not let the days just pass on by! Join me or create your own monthly challenge!

Much Love,


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27 Comments on Challenge Accepted!

  1. Hello Nena,

    That Socrates quote and image brought me to this post. I love the image. It’s so serene <3

    The quote says it all.

    I am glad you are working for self-improvement.

    Are you an introvert? The font on your blog is slightly difficult to read but I can mange by using CTRL+++. I felt like telling you for comfort of other readers.

    I wish you all the very best in your challenges and yes–breathing techniques can work wonders for improving your skin and overall health.

    Love and light <3


    • Honesty is the best policy:p Cheesy, but true lol
      Thank you for the beautiful comment! You made my day! It is quite exposing to take a close-up pic of yourself with no makeup or alterations and with a “high-res” camera. But also quite liberating:)

  2. I enjoy reading your posts! I like that you use those challenges to stay on the right track and keep living healthy despite work stress. My biggest challenge for september is to stay on track with fitness despite my internship in cardiology. I will still work out 5 days per week but of course it will be shorter workouts. I hope I can make this work! Wish you luck with tidying up the house … that is sth we need to tackle in the future too >.< xoxo Deniza

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