Encouraging Thunder Award!

Encouraging Thunder Award

What an honor!! I was nominated for the Encouraging Thunder Award by the beautiful and incredibly intelligent Deniza from Ask Deniza! I am constantly glued to her posts with all the amazing information she provides about nutrition and fitness with added sprinkles of reflections to stay positive. Show her some love on her blog! You will not be disappointed 😉

What you can do with this award:

  • Post it on your blog
  • Grant other bloggers the award

What you can’t do with this award:

  • Abuse or misuse the logo
  • Claim that it is your logo

What should I do after receiving the award?

  • Enjoy it!
  • Give thanks via comments and likes and mention the person nominating you
  • Mention your purpose in blogging or joining the social media

My Purpose in Blogging

My husband had been telling me for years to start a blog (and/or a YouTube channel) to share my thoughts, as well as the various things that I do (hairstyles [coming real soon], recipes, nutrition facts…amongst others). Starting YOUnfolded has helped me to express my love for encouraging and uplifting others through the triune that makes up our being: body, mind, and soul.

I hope to be able to uphold this award throughout the rest of my blogging “career” for there is nothing better than making someone’s day just a little bit brighter 🙂

The following are the bloggers I am nominating (there are so many to nominate, but I went along with Deniza’s rule of 5 just because I thought that was a fair number):

1) K.L. Register at The Ninth Life – Through her interesting, thought provoking stories and poems she reflects what it is to shine from within.

2) Walexmacerva’s Blog – His short snippets of daily wisdom warm your soul.

3) Lady CAS at Myasthenia Gravis – With a great sense of humor she helps you look at life’s challenges, big or small, like joyous moments to be treasured.

4) Freebryd’s Lessons of Affection – Her call-to-action words inspire you to be the best human you could possibly be!

5) Elisabeth from Everything and Nothin’ – She was one of the first followers of YOUnfolded and has since been such an amazing encouragement with her continuous thoughtful comments 🙂 Also, a shout out to her boyfriend, Joseph, for keeping her blog looking tight! 😉

Deniza, thank you once again for this wonderful honor and may it be reciprocated back to you 100-fold!

I would also like to take this time to show my sincerest appreciation to all of you who are reading this. I have seen many people celebrate reaching milestones of followers and views on their blog and I was not sure which to go by so I decided to run with both 😛

As of this very moment that I am writing YOUnfolded has reached a total of 1,115 views and 118 followers!

I was ecstatic about having my first follower and view and I am blown away by what it is now! But that would not be without you so THANK YOU! You’re all amazing!

Much Love,


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24 Comments on Encouraging Thunder Award!

  1. Beautifully written! I am reading this in the morning and this brightened my day! Thank you for those lovely words, dear, your are such an amazing person. Your posts are inspiring, just as you are. Have a wonderful weekend :*

  2. Thanks so much love!!! You are such a sweetheart! Joseph is totally happy you mentioned him (he just said, “aw I’m going to shed a tear…he is going to kill me for posting that haha)! I totally agree there is nothing better then making someone’s day!!!

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