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We have Throwback Thursday (#TBT) and Selfie Sunday (#SS) why not start a Pay It Forward Friday (#PIFF)!

Instagram users have a hashtag for every day of the week! Honestly, I only knew about #TBT and had to look up the rest and found a comprehensive list on Popsugar and on Digital Trends. I have to say, Man Crush Monday is pretty hilarious!

Notice a trend with these hashtags? Yes, they are fun and provide ideas to share interesting snapshots with our virtual friends, but they all pretty much revolve around showcasing ourselves.

Some of you are saying, “DUH! What else is social media for?” I myself had this thought, which is why I steered clear from all things “virtually social” for many years. But with the start of YOUnfolded, I have come to see how we can make a large, positive impact via simplicities like Instagram and hashtags.

Recently, I received a set of motivating and uplifting words from my boss and a few colleagues that fueled my passion in what I do:

“You’re appreciated!”

It is unfortunate that we do not hear these words too often, especially in the work place, because they have such a tremendous impression.

In fact, studies have found that social support has been tied to longevity, positive mental health outcomes, and improved resistance to various diseases, including heart disease and cancer. Yet, the benefits described are not only for the receiver.

Giving support has been linked to reduced depressive symptoms and one study found that “those who provided more support, following the loss of a spouse, exhibited an accelerated decline in depressive symptoms.”

For all of these amazing reasons, I would like to start a new hashtag day where we look outside ourselves and spotlight others that make an impression by telling them…

“You’re appreciated!”

“You rock!”

“You shine!”

To launch the very first #PIFF meet the lovely and talented Amber Ranco from Amber Ranco Health and Wellness and Cupcakes by Amber.

Amber Profile Picture

I am honored to be able to say she is my close friend and I consider her family 🙂

She has come a long way with her own personal weight loss journey and has been able to find a balance to return to her passion…baking!

Amber R. Cupcakes

Photo from Amber’s Instagram @cupcakesbyam

To be someone that has the willpower to bake delicious, drool-worthy cupcakes and stay in shape with a balanced, healthy diet is outstanding!

So, Amber… YOU ROCK!

Click here to check out her beautiful creations and click here to read one of my favorite posts on her blog 🙂

Join the Pay It Forward Friday movement by using #PIFF and sharing this post with others.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” -Anne Frank

Much Love,


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22 Comments on Pay It Forward Friday | #PIFF

  1. Love this idea!!! Like love it!! It is so important to pay it forward! Thank you so much for sharing this! I hope this blows up because it is so important!! P.S. the cupcakes looks amazing! What a talented friend you have!!

  2. Ah those cupcakes! Lovely post, I haven’t been in social media at all before I started this blog (only Facebook). Now I actually find it kind of fun 🙂
    I nominated you for the Encouraging Thunder Award! Have fun with it :*

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