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Pitch Perfect 2

“Organized nerd singing? This is great!”

-Jesse in Pitch Perfect


When I first heard about Pitch Perfect I thought it was a parody of musicals, much like the Scary Movie series. I find them funny because they are quite silly, but not necessarily a movie I am running to the theaters to watch.

A few weeks ago, I was in the mood for comedy and decided to watch Pitch Perfect 2 since we had it around and then went back to watch the first one.


Genre: Comedy

Pitch Perfect was directed by Jason Moore and stars Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Elizabeth Banks and Rebel Wilson to name a few.

Pitch Perfect 2 was Elizabeth Banks’s directorial debut with the same amazing cast returning for a second round of “aca-laughs”.


Pitch Perfect (2012):

The Barden Bellas are a prestigious a capella women’s group at Barden University known for their good looks and snore-worthy, prim and proper performances. As a new school year starts, the Barden Bellas are struggling to obtain new members to join while the male a capella group, the Treble Makers, were a popular favorite.

Luckily, after auditions, the Barden Bellas put together a quite eclectic group, but their harmony did not come without a struggle.

Pitch Perfect 2 (2015):

The same group of Barden Bellas returned with a few fresh characters that add on to their Motley Crew. Due to an unfortunate incident, the Barden Bellas are working hard, or hardly working, to maintain their reputation and prevent their legacy from complete extinction.

Nonetheless, the Barden Bellas are faced with some very steep competition to fight for their right to keep their name alive!

That’s a Wrap…

First, let me say that I love musicals especially if they involve superb acting, singing, and choreography. Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 did not disappoint in the latter. I was pleasantly surprised and could not believe I missed out! There was a great mix of funny and all-together weird characters that kept you laughing throughout the whole movie. Not to mention the amazing talent that was showcased! Wow! The voices were on point and they all had their unique style, much like their personalities in the movie, yet they came together beautifully!

I spent days afterwards singing along to songs from the movie and I even watched the sequel a second time with my family who had not seen it yet. I think when a movie has this effect then it was one that was worth the watch so if you haven’t seen these…what are you waiting for?

Much Love,


*Image: Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) ©Universal Studios Inc.

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18 Comments on Flick Pick | Pitch Perfect 1 & 2

  1. Yet to catch part 2! Glad i stumbled on your blog and this post – time to watch some Pitch Perfect action. Love musicals (especially those with some dry humour littered around) as well as the lead cast in this movie.

  2. Loved this movie! I think I enjoyed the first one better though. I felt the humor wasn’t as forced, and just came naturally. I’m all about musicals…just need my boyfriend to get on board too lol.

    • Those that saw the first one before the second one have said the same. Maybe because I saw the second one first I liked them both equally:p Not many people I know seem to like musicals either:/ he’s just going to have to get with the program 😉 lol

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