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I am excited about sharing this really great blog with you, but before I do, I got a funny story.

As I started searching under the #PIFF on Instagram I realized that it is already being used as “PIFF the magic dragon” AKA marijuana and getting high LOL!

I contemplated editing the hashtag and just spelling it out instead of abbreviating it. But then I figured, why not still use it and just make it a new thing…hopefully 😛


For today’s Pay It Forward Friday (#PIFF; LOL I still get a kick out of it), I would like to show a huge appreciation for The Feels blog.

I have stopped listening to the news, especially local news, for a long time now due to how depressing and paranoia invoking it is. I was tuning in to NPR (National Public Radio) for a while when I used to drive to work, but now that I work from home, I do not drive as much or tune in to the radio at all.

The Feels is a breath of fresh air with their “feel good news”. They share such inspiring and touching stories that make you feel like you can conquer anything!

Here are a few of their post titles (linked to the posts) to give you an idea of how awesome they are:

Nurse Adopts Baby After Mother Dies

Dog Given 3D Printed Limbs

Dentist Gives-Once Homeless Man New Smile

Man Plants Sunflowers As Tribute To Wife

Guide Dog Owners Get Married After Pets Fall In Love

I have smiled and cried tears of joy with their stories and it truly does feel great to hear of the wonderful things going on in our world.

So, to all of you behind The Feels blog…keep shining bright! You are a ray of sunshine on our overcast skies 🙂

Check out their site and give them a well-deserved follow. They also accept donations to help cover any costs they incur to obtain the news they deliver. If you are willing and able, give a heartfelt donation to keep them running!

Feel free to Pay It Forward with either #payitforwardfriday or #PIFF via social media and/or sharing this post with others.

Much Love,


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  1. Same. I normally turn the channel whenever I hear the intro song to the news lol! I’ll have to check out the blog you suggested. Happy Friday!! I hope that you’ll be able to change the hashtag for the better one day too 🙂


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