Love Haiku by YOUnfolded

Love, although not always understood, is something that many feel from others and towards others. Many express it as an emotion by saying the famous 3 words, “I love you”.

Others view love as an action that is seen through patience, kindness, and selflessness. While some describe love as a noun, a person or something of a divine nature; “God is love”.

True love is all of the above. One simply can’t be without the other. Words without action are null as are actions without a purpose.

Love is fairly easy to share when it is reciprocated. Even people who have committed the most heinous acts can love their own.

Expressing love at all times, no matter who is at the receiving end, demonstrates a true understanding of the unconditional nature of God’s heart.

Looking past the physical, such as gender and race, and not passing judgment for the interior, such as religion and sexual orientation, reveals the divine acceptance of humanity simply as a treasured creation.

Enough with the bashing and spitting of words and Bible verses that condemn instead of edify.

Enough with illustrating what you stand against more than what you stand for.

Enough with being part of the reason faith and hope in love is faltering.

Love through speaking words that uplift, producing actions that enlighten, and expressing sentiments that brighten.

Love without barriers, for even if it is experienced just once, it impacts forever.

With Much Love,


This is a bit different from what I usually write on here, but I wanted to share a free flow of my thoughts and channel my inner poet in there somewhere

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  1. “Words without action are null as are actions without a purpose.” <— So much was said in this one line. Your vibes are beautiful Queen! I agree this was a very inspirational post, and worth sharing. ♥

    • You’re always such an amazing support, love? Thank you and I’m working on getting back to writing like I used to. My hubby has been telling me lately to get back to poetry so we will see;)


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