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Blue DumbellsI had some great recommendations of other free online workouts from fellow bloggers at Honey Bear and Albertina and I gave them a try this week. They were awesome workouts!

I would suggest checking out their blog to get down to the realness of losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

Thank you ladies for your lovely suggestions 🙂

So, moving right along…

Day 1:

Did a whole lot of walking during our Labor Day weekend getaway to Universal Studios Florida so after a day of rest I wanted to kick start my week with a total body workout.

I chose a video from BeFit (per Honey Bear and Albertina’s recommendations) and I alternated between 8 pound and 12 pound weights for different exercises. This video also includes a warm-up and cool down 🙂

This was such a great workout in just 25 minutes! Reminded me of Shaun T’s T25 videos.

Day 2:

Honey Bear and Albertina also recommended GymRa so I chose an ab workout video from them.

There were moves that I had not done or seen before in this video and I was able to go through them pretty quickly. I almost doubted the effectiveness of the workouts until I felt the soreness for 2 days afterwards!

The video included a short warm-up and cool down, however I wanted to get more of a stretch after the workout so I turned to Fitness Blender for one of their cool down stretches.

Day 3:

Had a late night and decided to sleep a little extra in the morning instead of working out. I prioritize sleep because if you don’t sleep well, it can really affect your endurance mentally and physically.

We had plans for dinner right after work so due to lack of time to exercise I did another “workout while you work” from my Fitspiration board on Pinterest.

I went with stretches to help with the sore ab muscles I was feeling.

I did five breaths (inhale and exhale = 1 breath) for each move and I did the 12 steps twice.

Day 4:

With dinner the night before I had another late night and I did not wake up earlier to exercise. We had yet another dinner engagement and I did a very quick workout before jumping in the shower to get ready.

I wanted to focus on my arms and I found this really great 5-minute exercise video from PopSugar Fitness.

A great thing about this video is that no weights are needed so it can be done just about anywhere!

I did my own 5 minute warm-up and cool-down for a total of 15 minutes!

I love discovering new workouts to continue to obtain results and reduce boredom 😛

This week I will be searching for workouts from the blogs of fellow bloggers. Leave a link below of some of your favorite workouts from other bloggers or if you have your own, please share!

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” – Fred Devito

Much Love,


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18 Comments on Move It Monday

  1. Keeping the workout new helps with motivation. You are smart to change things up. I have trained for over 38 years and can honestly say I do NOT look forward to each and every workout! I can also say, however, that I always look forward to knowing I can perform any activity in life I choose to. Being physically fit provides opportunity and choices. This becomes more important as we age. Quality of life is taken for granted by too many people.

    • You are absolutely right and I am so glad you shared your insight:) I stress the importance of making exercise your own and it does not have to include the gym and weights or strenuous cardio if that is not your thing. Performing an activity you choose, like you mentioned, is key!

    • Lol! I know how you feel! Sometimes if someone starts off yelling in the video I’m like , “yea, no” and turn it off:p We have to be mentally ready to take on an intense workout;) The great thing is that their videos are short so the torture is short lived lol perfect for when you don’t have much time and want a good workout;)

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