Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

My entire year has been made with receiving the Sunshine Award! I was nominated by a ray of sunshine herself, Stephanie, from Life As Told by A 23 yo. Stephanie and I share a lot of the same interests with health, fitness, books, TV shows, and movies to name a few. She is also incredibly supportive and does not hesitate to lend a helping hand in the blogging world (and I am sure outside of it, too). Thank you, Stephanie, for this honor and everyone make sure to check out her blog as well!


– Thank the person/people who nominated you
– Answer the questions from your nominators.
– Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.

Questions from Stephanie:

1) Why did you start blogging?

I have already answered my purpose for blogging previously so I will instead express why I write.

A photograph is a snapshot of a moment and freezes that memory in time onto a “piece of paper”. Writing is like bringing that moment to life and engraving the most treasured thoughts and emotions deeper in our heart and soul. Pictures can often capture someone’s not-so-good-side or something we did not want to be seen, but it’s evidence can’t be denied. Writing also is a way to express the struggles beneath the surface, exposing them as a way of release and healing. Through writing the good and the not-so-good, you encounter a teachable moment for yourself and possibly one to be shared. This is why I write.

2) I’m going to copy Amber’s question here and ask…what are three random facts about yourself?

1) I got a real estate license when I was 18 years-old and have maintained the license, however I have never used it or practiced real estate. Maybe I will make use of it in the future.
2) I do not like going out to shop for myself. I prefer to shop online and my top place to do it is Amazon.
3) I have a fear of heights that comes and goes. There are times when I am fine and it doesn’t bother me and other times I don’t want to stand anywhere near a balcony.

3) What are your top three favorite TV shows? (can also be movies if you don’t watch TV)

I have so many shows that I like and watch at the same time so I will list the last 3 that I watched and have been enjoying:

    1. Private Practice
    2. Ghost Whisperer
    3. Breaking Bad

4) What is your biggest food weakness?

Pasta! I am usually fine with one serving of most things, but with pasta I go for seconds 😛 Sometimes more!

5) Pet peeves?

1) When you greet a stranger and they look at you like you’re crazy and don’t say anything back.

2) When you hold the door for others and people just keep walking through without a thank you and leave you standing there holding the door.

3) Sexist and racial comments.

6) Are you a dog or a cat person?

I truly love both, but I will have to call myself a dog person because I had only one very precious cat amongst many doggies in my life. I currently have two “golden girls”. I post pics of them often on Instagram and you can see the cuties on my Pet Workouts post.

7) If you could travel to anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? And what would you do?

I would love to go to Italy and…you guessed it…eat pasta!

8) Hobbies besides blogging?

This was an interesting question because I am blogging about all the things I enjoy doing. I love exercising, hairstyling (coming soon), cooking, reading, writing, singing, dancing, throwing themed parties, and just sitting on the couch watching movies or TV shows.

9) What do you like most about yourself?

I like that I am not afraid to be myself no matter where I am at or who I am with.

10) If you could pick one thing that you could be good at, what would it be?

I have many interests, but I would have to say playing the piano. I started to teach myself when I was younger and I took a few classes in my early 20s, but have not touched the keys to a piano since.

11) What do you do to decompress?

Pray and just spend some time couch potato-ing with my hubby and our “golden girls”.

My Questions:

1) Besides your current occupation, what would be your ideal profession?

2) What fictional character do you identify with?

3) Try looking up the meaning of your name and share what it is. If not, what is the story behind how you were named.

4) What food would you not eat, under any circumstances?

5) What was the last picture you took with your phone?

6) When was your last vacation and what did you do?

7) If you could live in a book, movie, or TV show, what would it be?

8) If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?

9) How would your best friends describe you in one word?

10) What fad or trend do you think needs to be gone forever?

11) What question do you hate to answer?

I now nominate the following bloggers for the Sunshine Award:

  1. Ask Deniza
  2. Summer-Ice World
  3. What Makes Me Amber
  4. Gradeschool Brains
  5. Ramexabella
  6. Sunday Stuff
  7. Shake Your Conscience!
  8. Lynz Real Cooking
  9. Lash-Eyed Beauty
  10. Honey Bear and Albertina
  11. The Eat. Move. Live. Blog

    I hope to continue spreading the sunshine around for a single word or act of kindness can brighten a multitude of dark skies.

    Much Love,


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28 Comments on Sunshine Award

  1. Thank you so much! i’m so grateful. i must say your answers are also fabulous. unlike you, i totally prefer shopping in person than doing it online. i love it! and i totally feel funny when close to a balcony not to talk of a high place without any balcony rilms/ protection.
    its been wonderful knowing u!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Nena! You just made my day 😀 I loved reading all your responses. I can totally relate with your fear of heights. I sometimes have trouble going up and down stairs, because of it, but I can go climbing with pretty much no problem. Weird huh?
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see your hairstyling posts! I love learning new braiding techniques. They’re kind of my weakness. They’re so intricate and visually interesting 🙂

    • Yes! The fear of heights is such an interesting thing. I have gone sky diving with no problem and will do it again! But sometimes looking out of a window of a tall building gives me the heebie jeebies:p
      Thank you again for this honor, love:)

      • I’ve gone skydiving as well 🙂 and like you, I wasn’t bothered by the fact that I was jumping out of a plane from really high up. BUT I don’t think I’d want to go skydiving again lol. I got super dizzy during the landing. All that steering made me want to puke lol. Not something that I’d want a repeat performance of 😛

  3. I love what you said about photographs capturing a moment in time. You definitely have a way with words! Oh, and I also can’t stand it when I hold a door open and people just cruise past without so much as a nod. When you start your hairstyling tips, can you perhaps do a post on how to style ridiculously pathetically fine and limp hair?

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