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Keyboard and HandWe all have experienced times where fitting in exercise seems close to impossible. I have experienced that many times and this week was no exception.

We have been busy getting our house in order this week with furniture that we finally got after months of battling it out with the furniture store; that’s another story I will not get into now. We had to build all the furniture ourselves, clear out rooms, and add personal touches to finish it off.

Although it has been fun and comforting to see our home come together, it has been a lot of work which includes staying up late nights and having very little “free” time. Due to our busy week I was only able to fit in 2 days of exercises 🙁

But I am happy to say that I found a few workouts shared by some wonderful bloggers that I would highly recommend trying out!

Day 1

Memoirs of a Second Year had this great workout posted on his blog and I just had to give a shot!

Exercise 1: Seated military shoulder press;

  • This includes just the bar on an assisted machine for about 20 reps to loosen joints because if I fail to do so and go straight into it, I can most definitely feel the tension on my joints.
  • Then I’m working with 17.5kg on each side at the minute for 12 reps if I have a spotter with me just for that last rep.
  • Drop it down to 5kg each side to finish with and burn out.

Exercise 2: Side laterals with 4 supersets;

  • This is an interesting one because I tweak this movement which is performed stood up and by this I mean, instead of bringing the weight up with your elbows straight, bring the weight up with bent elbows like the image below and you will have more of a contraction and less pressure, 8 repetitions for 3 sets with 16-18kg depending on how I’m feeling that day.

Then superset the usual way of keeping the arms straight with 5kg plates

Exercise 3: Front lateral raises:

  • This is performed stood up also and is done with a lighter weight remembering we did seated press earlier and I use 12-14kg but really get the weight without swinging to face level.

Exercise 4: rear Delt raises:

  • A picture will accompany this one but we must really put a lot of emphasis on this exercise in order to really broaden the shoulder and give the illusion of that 3D effect, performed with a 16kg and squeeze for two seconds at the top, 12 reps is certainly enough.

Exercise 5: Arnold Presses:

  • From the legend himself, this variation is a good superset burner for me to really burn out the shoulders because its my final exercise in this brutal workout and is done for as many reps as possible with about 18kg but really perform it to a slow pace so all the fibres are torn apart.

Check out the original post here, which also includes pictures.

I did my own warm up and cool down and I alternated between 8 pound and 12 pound weights. I thought it was a great workout so check out his blog for more fitness-related information.

Day 2Skye from Sweat to Success

I enjoy discovering new blogs and I found a health & fitness gem at Sweat to Success. Skye is the motivational author behind the blog and she posts a WOD (Workout of the Day) every Wednesday so stay tuned with her to try some variation in your workouts.

She has amazing abs so I tried out her Core360 workout and it was awesome! Skye includes printable workout sheets, including one with pictures, so that you can take them with you anywhere.

Be sure to include a warm and cool down with this workout, too.

Workout 3

I was really looking forward to trying a lower body workout from Deniza at Ask Deniza. She did a really fascinating series of hitting all the muscle fibers in your lower body and I loved that her sample workout already included a warm up:

Warm up:

  • Side Clam -20x
  • Side leg raise – 20x
  • Glute bridge feel elevated – 20x
  • Fire Hydrants -20x

Super set Squats- 10x with  Donkey Kicks – 20x

Super set Lunges -10x  with Bridges – 12x

Super set Reverse Hyper -15x with Deadlifts -8x

Super set traditional Deadlift – 10x with Leg curls with Bands – 15

Super set Stiff legged Deadlift -10x with Bridges -15x

Super set Sumo Squats -10x with Ball leg Curls -7x

Repeat for 3-4 sets for each Super set

I was planning on including all the lower body exercises she included in her post, but I did not have the time to get around to fitting in at least one more workout. Regardless, I wanted to share her great workouts and she reported on Instagram she will be re-writing the series so I will suggest checking it out!

How did you move it this week?

“Don’t stop trying just because you hit a wall. Progress is progress no matter how small”

Much Love,



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36 Comments on Move It Monday | Bloggers

  1. Hello Nena 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful workout regime with us.

    I used to work out in a gym when I was in college. As time passed by, breathing exercises and walking took over muscle and weight training. Now I don’t do workouts but only breathing exercises and walking.

    I hope you will get more free time now and enjoy blogging and workout.

    Love and light <3

    Anand 🙂

  2. Skye does have amazing abs!!! My goodness, what does a girl have to do to get abs like that? Oh, yea….workout more hehehe. I missed a whole week of working out last week and it showed. I usually work out 2-4 times a week…depending on schedule. But when I don’t workout for awhile it feels like I’m starting all over again.

  3. Such an honour to be mentioned in your post dear! Let me know if you like the workout 🙂 I will put them in the workouts category sometime this week and upload more of them ??

  4. The list would be too long! Hahaha. I move from the moment my eye open, until my head hits the pillow. It’s rare when I sit and if it’s for longer than 15 minutes, more than likely, I’m injured! 😉 Love this post. Keep on moving. Your physique is fabulous. Keep on inspiring. Koko❀

  5. I spent an hour learning how to throw a frisbee lol. I did s lot of moving around though. I jumped, and ran after the frisbee every time. I have a heart monitor on my watch. My heart rate was up the entire time, and burned a few hundred calories!

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