Pay It Forward Friday | 2-for-1

Smoothie Agent smoothie
One of The Smoothie Agent’s delicious smoothies posted on Facebook and Instagram

This week has flown by for me and even though I have a packed weekend ahead I am so thankful it is Friday!

Today I want to give a shout out to Tan Chrissis, The Smoothie Agent on Instagram and Facebook!

Since I first opened my Instagram account I have been following The Smoothie Agent and he has amazing and creative smoothies. Tan’s incredible pictures have inspired me to not only make healthy smoothies, but also to make them look irresistible instead of my standard green glob (they still taste great, though).

On top of Tan rocking smoothies, he also has partnered with a commendable, young entrepreneur named Andrea Demichelis to support Elliot for Water, a humanitarian project.

Good Wednesday everyone! 🙋 Make this September 2nd a #specialday, set as your default search engine! By doing so you know you'll be always contributing to #SafeDrinkingWater projects by simply searching the web! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set it on Google Chrome! – Scroll menu – Settings – Manage search engines – Make default – Start surfing on E4W! ——————————————————— ☀️4💧 ——————————————————— @instagram @motivationtwins @world.changers @ecomotivation @socialpioneersproject #google #september #resolutions #life #newlife #tech #innovation #kindness #volunteering #socialenterprise #buddhism #breakhabits #socialdevelopment #wednesdaywisdom #wednesday #startup #video #videomaker #webdesign

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“, in fact, is the first search engine that gives the possibility to its users to help the people in need of drinkable water.”

Elliot For Water donates 70% of its profits to purchase green technology to provide clean water to villages around the world that are in need. The members of the team also strive for transparency by sharing all aspects of the project, including financial results, with the public on their blog.

All that we have to do to support the clean water mission is use Elliot For Water as a search engine and it is of no cost to us 🙂 Check their site for more info!

We got a 2-for-1 on this Pay It Forward Friday as we are sending our appreciation over to The Smoothie Agent and Elliot For Water for making a positive difference in the small and large scale.

Give them a warm follow on Instagram or their other social media accounts to thank them for their generosity 🙂

“Together we can change the world, one good deed at a time.”

– Unknown

Much Love,


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