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Liebster Blog Award

Imagine my joy and delight when I had 3 very wonderful ladies nominate me for the Liebster Award.

I was curious to find out what Liebster meant and it is a German term of endearment that means sweetheart, darling, beloved, darling, dearest or dear.

A big thank you to the sweethearts Sanjana at Multilingual ShadesReka.sg, and Kerri at Bipolar to Happiness for the nomination that warmed my heart 🙂

Liebster Award Rules

Sanjana is an inspiring advocate for what is right and stands up for others and what she believes in. Be sure to stop by her blog to get your fist pumping high in the air!

The following are her questions:

1. Have you ever felt oppressed in any way? How?
I remember walking into a church years ago where women were not allowed to wear pants and I happened to be wearing pants. The leaders of the church not only looked at me like I committed the greatest sin, they also talked about me right in front of me because they thought I did not speak Spanish (my native tongue). Imagine their surprise when I shook their hands and said, “Mucho gusto”; which is like saying “nice to meet you”.

2. What’s one thing that you’d like your mom/dad to change in themselves?
To believe in themselves as much as they believe in their children.

Holding Hands Silhouette in Grass

3. Do you know cooking? Even if its one thing? What was your first dish, made by you alone?
I love to cook and play with ingredients in the kitchen. I think the very first thing I made was scrambled eggs and the funny thing is, I rarely make them scrambled anymore.

4. Did you read a book/movie which offended you? What was it and how did it offend you? Your thoughts?
I am not sure if I would say it offended me, but a movie that I thought was so distasteful and horrific was Hostel 2. I like scary movies, but this one included a woman being turned on via bathing in someone else’s blood and kids playing with a severed head as a soccer ball.

5. What’s your favourite beverage?

6. How did you start blogging?
I wrote about my purpose for blogging and why I write so I will mainly say it was my husband that helped me open a blog and has been supporting me and helping me since day one.

7. What is one thing you wish to try out before you die?
Take a hot air balloon ride in a place where the scenery varies. Maybe New Zealand with its green pastures, crystal blue waters, and white tip mountains.

Hot Air Balloon

8. Which clothing store is your favourite?
I don’t like shopping for myself and I do most of it online. The main place I have bought clothes from online is Dresslink.com.

9. Is there any country you would never visit in your life? Why?
I can not think of any one place that I would NEVER visit. I think I would just mainly stay away from places that are deemed too dangerous to travel.

10. What essential accessory would you recommend to a girl/guy?
A smile 😀

11. Did you have a best friend who did something shocking towards you? Something against you, which you found it really hard to forgive and/or forget?
I have experienced differences with friends, but nothing major enough for me to say that it would be hard for me to forgive them. Also, no matter how much someone has hurt me, I would never wish the same for them and I forgive as a means to move forward. However, forgiving them does not mean I will allow them back into my life to further hurt me if they are toxic.

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    • Thank you! Many of us have the misconception to forgive and forget what the other person did (I used to think that, too). But we should never forget when someone has hurt us and torn us down and blindly let them continue doing it. To me that’s not wise?

  1. This was awesome! I had the same situation in the church that I grew up in and it actually let me know it was time to find a church of my own once I was old enough instead of losing faith in God. Eggs was also one f my first cooking dishes as well. 🙂

    • That is so great that you learned that early on. Unfortunately, it turned me away from church since experiences like that were all I had encountered time and again. Thankfully, the Lord uses people around us and he had a dear friend of mine invite me to a church years later where I felt like I imagined a church should feel like; like family:)

      • I understand. I lost my way for a long time but it had nothing to do with that incident. And I feel that I am spiritual but not religious now because of those type of people the RELIGIOUS people who can be harsh but I still enjoy church like you mentioned and envisioned and go sometimes to my new church and watch it online because it great.

  2. Hi dear, Congratulations on the liebster award! I enjoyed reading your answers 🙂 I nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award 🙂 Find out more on my blog! Have fun :*

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