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I was having a conversation with my dear friend and fellow blogger Amber and she mentioned how exercises that require a lot of jumping around are not always fun to do.

I completely agree and often times jumping is not safe or possible due to injury or exercise level.

Low impact refers to exercises, mainly aerobics/cardio, that are not over strenuous and where at least one foot is kept on the ground at all times.

In general, low- and high impact exercises refer to cardio and not strength training or toning. However, when you search for low impact workouts you get a variety of exercises that are meant mainly to put less stress on the body.

Here are my findings:

Day 1

Melissa Bender has many free videos on YouTube and during this lower body workout she had a recent neck injury.

I broke a sweat with this one and did not have to jump around at all! I would recommend a warm-up and cool-down in addition to this video.

Day 2

For an upper body workout, I did one of Fitness Blender’s videos.

This is a great workout that you can adjust to your level by the weights you use. You may also opt to go weight-less and it will still be an effective workout.

The video includes a short warm-up, however you would need to include your own cool-down.

Day 3

I had very little time to workout on this particular day so I searched for a workout I can do in 15 minutes or less.

I found Tracy Campoli and I enjoyed her endearing way of encouraging you through the workout. Plus, I loved how she referred to the workout as an exercise for “busy babes”. I subscribed to her channel and will check out more of her videos.

I did my own 3 minute warm-up and cool-down and it felt really great to fit a workout into a busy day.

Day 4

I usually don’t go for long workouts, but I do like to take my time with stretches; because they just feel sooo good!

The following is a video by Sean Vigue Fitness and it does live up to its name:

This is great to do after a week of workouts to reduce tension and soreness in the muscles.

What are some activities you engage in when you want to take it easy?

“We must appreciate and never underestimate our own inner power.”

– Noah Galloway

Much Love,


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18 Comments on Move it Monday | Low Impact

  1. Back in college, I loved working out! Now, I just can’t seem to find the motivation. These videos seem so easy to do though! Might start doing one a week to see how I fare! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • I understand completely! Life gets in the way and it gets harder and harder to get started again. I’m so happy to hear the videos were helpful:) Small steps at a time is how to do it:)

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