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Chair and Legs

“I can hardly walk without getting short of breath”

“I have bad knees and a bad back”

“I am not able to stand for very long”

Many of the patients I work with are not able to perform tasks that we often times take for granted. The above statements are ones that I hear from most of my beloved patients. I try my best to work together with them, and under their doctor’s discretion, to develop a plan that includes physical activity within their reach.

Sitting/chair exercises have been quite successful with many of the patients I work with and I usually suggest for them to search for free online resources to make it even more feasible.

I decided to give some of those exercises a try myself and share how we could move it while we sit.

Day 1

I did this workout without weights since most of my patients do not have them, but the gentleman in this video, Rob, used cans of food as his weights and I loved that!

Rob also had such a contagious smile and positive attitude, making this workout enjoyable as well as effective.

Day 2

This video is great for those that need a shorter workout and even though I also did not use weights for this one, you may use water bottles like in the video.

On this day, I also did a workout from fellow blogger Deniza. This one was just as an added bonus for me.

Ask Deniza Leg Workout

I did 3 rounds and it was an awesome lower body workout! I felt it the next day 😉

A stretch and cool-down followed of course.

Day 3

I searched online (using Elliot for Water as the search engine) for sitting exercises and I found one from Shape Magazine that made me break a bit of a sweat.

Shape Magazine Chair Exercises
Click Image for Full Exercise

I really liked this workout because it can be adapted to your personal fitness level by simply adjusting the speed.

Day 4

For this day, I went back to the desk exercises I showcased on previous Move It Mondays:

PopSugar’s Desk Exercises for strength training

Chair Sun Salutations for stretching and relaxation

You can still be fit while you sit and I love to hear the joy in the voices of those I worked with when they found a way to be active without further compromising their health.

FitSugar Motivational Fitness Quote

Much Love,


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  2. I’ll chime in with appreciation for this post. With FM and CFS I have become very de-conditioned, yet exercise is an important part of recovery. So I’ve been a little stymied as to what to do. Exercising while sitting might be the answer! Thank you so much!

  3. This is a great post! A while ago I thought I was ready to live in a brand-new independent-living senior’s apartment building – NOT (I’m only a ‘senior’ when I visit home). So to invest in my community and encourage my neighbors past the gossip circles and negativity (when I ignored my doorbell and phone for a few days to work), I started a sit-ercize group. How I wish I knew you then. These videos and ideas are excellent!

    • Wow!! What a great way to take charge of your life and help others! You are inspiring:)
      It is amazing how many free videos are out there! Hope we can both help each other in whatever way we can now☺️

  4. Loved this Post so much. I am very inspired. Now folks , Hopefully Nena’s book is coming out sooon. Its also about how Alwynn faced his fears, among other lovely stuff LOL. Also our dear author has a secret stash of Starbucks, #fuel 🙂 🙂
    Very good post.

  5. Super cool Nena! Really challenges you to try everything you can to still work out. I knew a man who had to use a wheelchair, but he was absolutely amazing. I would see him in the gym several times per week.

  6. Awesome exercises!!! However, I couldn’t help but think that Rob should probably use something other than food for his weights lol…it might help eliminate any temptation!

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