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Boy and Girl children

The children of this world are precious and should be allowed to express their innocence and explore without fear.

Unfortunately, we live in a cruel and unforgiving world that often preys on the innocent and shatters lives that should instead be treasured.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and women from all over have shared their stories of abuse. The resounding word that emanates from the recounts of each of the women is fear.

Fear is what trapped them in an abusive relationship and kept them from reaching out for help or escaping. Abuse is one of the most horrific experiences that can be encountered so imagine what it must be like for a child; a small being with a voice that is rarely heard without an adult as the vessel.

girls hiding scared

Child abuse, though repulsive, is prevalent and its awareness is crucial to save beloved lives.

Not In My World is a non-profit informational resource run by a small group of people to bring a huge voice for our children. They continuously bring awareness about child abuse via real stories and cases as well as providing families with resources on things like parenting, anger management, and stress relief to make this world a better place for children.

Not In My World makes an attempt to break through the fear that cripples, simply by providing words that heal. They are not a huge charity or organization, at least not yet. They are a group of people that started off as a circle of friends on Google+ that shared the same passion to speak up against child abuse.

For this reason, Not In My World deserves high recognition for their tremendous efforts to save children from violence.

To all of you behind Not In My World,

You are highly appreciated!!

Words cannot express how phenomenal it is to have people like you advocate for those who cannot do so for themselves.

beautiful girl child

Throughout history, it has been the INACTION of those who could have acted; the INDIFFERENCE of those who should have known better; the SILENCE of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it POSSIBLE for evil to triumph.”
~ Emperor Haile Selassie ~

Show your support to Not In My World by following their site, joining their circle on Google+, and liking their page on Facebook.

Much Love,


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  1. Your heart is in the right place. Most people, in their own bubble, don’t realize how many people see children as a commodity to be used and abused, sold and destroyed – all over the world. Keep speaking out. You are an advocate for the young who are abused. I am an advocate for prison inmates who are abused and destroyed because of people who also see them as a commodity to make money. Sometimes I have to scream to be heard. People who know these things and do nothing, and just go on to the next thing to occupy their minds for a few minutes and do nothing to help is something I find hard to understand. But you and I – just let me say this – you get back what you give. Cause and effect. Every seed you plant eventually grows. And your life will grow, too. Keep writing.

    • You are absolutely amazing, Jamie! It is because of people like you that I started the Pay It Forward series. People who do inspiring things that are worth our grandest appreciation and recognition. People who have to “scream to be heard” and yet still continue to do so despite the challenges.You are right that we will get back what we give and I hope that you get back many great things a hundredfold of what you have put in:)
      Thank you for your incredibly encouraging words and may you keep shining where light is lacking!

      • The concept of ‘pay it forward’ has always been a favorite of mine.It really is what we do with our own lives every day. If you want to know why your life is the way it is you need only look at the past. But more important – how do you want your future to be? Look at the causes you make today. By using your life to help others you not only help them – you help yourself. Something I have told many people – the only legacy you can really leave behind at the end is the effect you have had on others. Then they will have an effect on people, too. That way you live on in others. Possessions don’t matter. But see? You are doing that already!

    • I am so sorry! I just realized your name is Sonni and Jamie is who’s story you are sharing on your blog. I apologize for the mix-up!
      BTW, I do love the concept of your blog and you have gained a new follower:)

  2. This is wonderful!! Domestic violence is a huge problem in today’s society. Thank you for being one angel who helps fight against this monster that terrorize so many women and children lives! Beautifully written Nena!

  3. What Lynz Real Cooking said: Nena this made me cry! Thanks for sharing this and caring! This is a subject that does not get enough attention or understanding.Child abuse is horrible and needs to be addressed now and stopped! Also, when a mom or dad is being abused, kids are watching, fearing and it effects them!! hugs!!! ”
    So true u guys! I wish i could adopt them allllll….. Great post Nena! 🙂

    • I cried and my heart ached as I wrote this. Abuse is horrific and we need to do what we’re able to advocate for those that can’t speak for themselves. Thank you for your support!

  4. Nena this made me cry! Thanks for sharing this and caring! This is a subject that does not get enough attention or understanding.Child abuse is horrible and needs to be addressed now and stopped! Also, when a mom or dad is being abused, kids are watching, fearing and it effects them!! hugs!!!

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