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We can schedule out time for our workouts and plan out ahead what types of exercises we will be doing, but many times things do not go as planned.

By now, the weather is usually much cooler here in South Florida, but this year it has not been the case.

We are still experiencing weather in the upper 80s (Fahrenheit) along with humidity. In fact, as I am typing this post the temperature outside is 87 degrees Fahrenheit (about 31 degrees Celsius) and The Weather Channel says it feels like 95 (about 35 degrees Celsius).

I had planned to start running by this time of the year, however it still has been way too hot for my liking. I love exercising and I enjoy running, but I highly believe working out should be fun and not torture.

Instead of letting the weather get me down, I decided to take on bike riding as an outdoor activity in place of running.

Not only does bike riding provide a wind factor that helps cool you down, it is also considered one of the best low-impact cardio workouts.

What I loved most about bike riding this past week is that my husband decided to join me; he does not exercise with me on a regular basis.

So let’s ride!

Day 1

I started with a 15 minute lower body strength-training workout and then I did a 25 minute bike ride outdoors.

I used a leg workout I found on Pinterest and no equipment is needed:

Sexy Leg Workout from Pinterest

I ended with a leg stretch from the spunky Cassey Ho:

Day 2

I have a few kettle bells that I wanted to put to use a bit a more so I found an awesome total body workout from BodyFit by Amy:

The workout includes a quick warm-up and cool-down and was a great kick-starter for the day.

Day 3

I went for a 25-minute bike ride and then I did some foam roller stretches for my legs.

Foam Roller for Legs

The foam roller works to both stretch and massage the muscles to reduce soreness from tight muscles.

Day 4

I didn’t have 1 hour to stretch, but I did have 30 minutes and fit in a stretch within that time:

My workout week did not turn out exactly as I had planned, but I did get to try a variety of things that kept things interesting.

β€œWe cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails”

– Unknown

How do you stick to your workout routine?

Much Love,


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40 Comments on Move It Monday | Adjust

  1. I am amazed by all of the physical exercises you do by yourself with the help of pictures and video. . Impressing..
    When the body is well the human being is happy and vice versa .
    About biking. Do you use the bike of special track of on the road ? I knew a woman who practiced mountain biking!!! Ouch !
    beautiful and inciting post Nena.
    Love <3

  2. Great post! Planning a workout is great but life doesn’t always go as planned. As long as effort is put in, nobody should put themselves down for not following the plan. Roll with the punches. πŸ™‚

  3. Biking also offers NON IMPACT for those with joint issues. It increases synovial fluid(lubrication of the joints) slowing down the degenerative process.
    Love how you lay out the videos for your readers. You are a brave soul to do foam rolling. It offers great benefits at the expense of a face of anguish. Incredibly painful (at least in the beginning,) but very much worth the discomfort.
    Showing readers how to create flexibility with intended workout routines is important as well. This offers options rather than excuses putting the workout off to another day.
    Great job!

    • Yes!! You always have some awesome points to add!
      Foam rolling can be a bit painful at first, but I also think it depends on the foam roller itself. I have 2 different types and the basic one I got from TJ Maxx has been more gentle and feels much better:) But, yes, either way it is somethings to be eased into.
      Thank you so much for your input! The more great info we can exchange and share, the better!

  4. I don’t always stick to my plan either. However I figure as long as I am moving and getting in some type of workout, I am good hehe! I can’t wait to try these workouts! I love that you post so many awesome new workouts! My routine never gets boring thanks to you!!

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