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We are approaching the holidays full speed and many of us feel as though we are going over 100 miles per hour!

Decorating our homes, preparing a menu to entertain guests, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, the list goes on! We often get warped into the commercial aspect of the holidays that we forget that this is the season of giving.

Dr. Jonathan Neal Colter was a practicing chiropractor for over 20 years and he started a very inspirational blog called All About Healthy Choices, to “help transform each of us to a new height of better understanding and self-awareness”.

He offers an incredible array of information along with words of fortitude about topics surrounding healthcare, nutrition, exercise, and overall lifestyle happiness.

One of his most recent blog posts, highlights the importance of giving and how we can make the holidays more special for not only ourselves, but also our community by providing a helping hand to those in need.


He not only offers 3 very wonderful ways we can get into the spirit of giving, but he also challenges us to look for ways we can improve the life of someone else to preserve a cause for celebration during the holidays.

Dr. Jonathan also graciously provides positive feedback to fellow “bluddies” and his genuine and kind words always uplift!

So, Dr. Jonathan…


You have a generous soul and continuously give without hesitation. May all the love you bring forth come back to you to the 10th power all the days of your life!

I will close it up with a few of Dr. Jonathan’s encouraging words:

“Be creative and decide for yourself what you can do to enhance the lives of others, for in doing so, you will create your own opportunity to find a healthier and happier place within your own soul.”

How will you get into the spirit of giving?

Happy Holidays!

Much Love,


*A reminder that I still have 2 more slots available to provide a gift to YOU if you decide you would like to take part in a Pay It Forward initiative. Check it out here.

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20 Comments on Pay It Forward | All About Healthy Choices

  1. This year I’m going to get a tree and pull out the decorations I’ve accumulated over the years. I used to buy a tree every year but stopped in 2011. I’ve decided that it’s not healthy to opt out of the holidays. Thanks for your post.

    • A little hiatus is often needed. If you’re up to it, it would be nice to see a picture of your decorated tree:) May you have a healthy and happy holiday season:)

  2. I normally start shopping before Black Friday but I get all excited about Black Friday even though I do 99% of my shopping online. There are so many great deals online and free shipping it really beats fighting the crowds.

  3. It is easy to get caught up in the commercial side of Christmas. You are quite right that we should remember that the season is not primarily intended as a chance to get a lot of stuff!

  4. Nice quote from Dr. Jonathan…he sounds like a really good man and doctor! I love your Pay It Forward series, it’s so uplifting and positive. Have a wonderful weekend Nena!

  5. With so many agencies gearing up for Christmas, in the context of providing meals to those in need; providing a little money to parents such that they maintain a degree of dignity in being able to provide gifts for their children; providing a variety of other help as needed over what, for many, is a very difficult time; It would seem to me that all of us who are able to afford a regular Starbucks coffee could afford to make a financial donation to those agencies. Around here, I support Covenant House (serving Toronto), The Good Shepherd (serving Hamilton), and the Kerr Street Mission (serving Oakville). I feel pretty sure that everybody who reads this has similar organizations in their part of the world.

    Please donate generously. Help a less fortunate family enjoy this time of year. The reward of satisfaction in knowing that you shared what you have with others will make your Christmas so much more meaningful. 🙂

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