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HIIT training is one of my favorite forms of exercises. I first found out what HIIT was when I was in high school and I immediately got hooked!

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training where there are “alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods”. HIIT sessions can be anywhere between 4-30 minutes which is one of the main reasons why I love it!

HIIT is usually used by those of higher fitness levels, but the exercises can easily be customized to fit each individual. Read more about HIIT here.

I find that HIIT is a great way to kick your workouts up a notch and torch fat!

Here is how I HITT it this week…

Day 1

I wanted to ride bike and decided to add intervals to increase the intensity.

The following is the workout breakdown:

5-minute warm-up (ride at a moderate speed)

15 rounds (total of 15 minutes) of 40 seconds of high intensity followed by 20 seconds of low intensity

5-minute cool down (ride at a comfortable speed to reduce heart rate)

Total: 25 minutes

*For the high intensity interval I would lift my butt off the seat and for the low intensity I would sit back down.

I included a leg workout as well:

And a leg stretch:

Day 2

After the intense lower body workout from yesterday, I moved to the upper body today.

The workout can be modified to your particular level by increasing the weight and/or by changing the high intensity intervals to decrease the heart-pumping factor.

I followed with a great upper body stretch from Fitness Blender:

Day 3

I went bike riding again using the same workout breakdown from Day 1 except I did 25 rounds of the intervals to do a total of 35 minutes with the warm-up and cool down.

I followed with a full body stretch:

Day 4

We had a wedding to attend to and we were quite busy helping to set up and getting ourselves ready.

The ideal way to have a great time at a wedding and get a workout in the mix is by DANCING!!

Dancing can also be a way to HIIT it with its times of slowing down and then speeding back up.

Nena & Jorge

We danced non-stop from the moment the music started until we called it a night and we had a blast!!

Gus & Cari Dancing

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Pacheco!!

I would love to hear how you will amp up your workouts.

Fitness is not about being better

Much Love,



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  1. It’s funny that so many people try to make workout routines and they suggest it as new. HIIT has been around for decades as has Crossfit at the less get hurt from overuse of an Olympic lift built for one rep and doing 20 at low weights. I have been doing both before they got a pretty package. If you are doing HIIT make sure the intervals are not 2 pound weights and challenge yourself and make the weights go up and any cardio in the mix be faster. By that I do not mean go 12 MPH on a treadmill and be holding on or a high incline. Go at a 60 second to 3 min at around 7-8.5 max unless you have more speed and do not press to hit the front of the treadmill, hit the center of it with your legs landing right below you.

  2. I have come here through Blogging 101, Commenting and I am relieved to say that I have found the right post to share a personal story as well as ask a question.

    Monday’s are very hard for me, its not that I don’t like my job. But its just that I am too lazy. The same applies for my workouts as well. I am motivated enough to go do them for a week and then I slack only to realize after a few weeks that I stopped. I am moderately fit, I look athletic.

    Is there someway for me to keep myself motivated enough to workout everyday?

    • So great to connect with you and thank you for your comment and awesome question! There are a few things that can help with staying motivated:
      1) Keeping in mind it’s for your health more than it is for physical gain
      2) Changing up the exercises to reduce boredom
      3) Get it out of the way early! Before work so that you don’t skip it later
      4) Have accountability. Individual or group you either exercise with or share what you did
      These are just a few and thank you so much!! I have a post idea brewing from this conversation?

  3. I have to laugh myself when I think of the degree of just how unmotivated I am. When I decided to quit eating meat I instead stalked up on orange slices (you know those candies) and potato chips.

    There was a time in my life when I had scheduled workouts ever other day. I ate right and provided these options to my children. I was all for a healthy lifestyle! Took long healthy walks. Walked in the woods. Lived on rice cakes, pretzels (which I hate) and a diet equal to rabbit food! YES! I did it!!

    Then one day I was considering my motives. I hated pretzels I only ate them because they are low in fat. I asked myself why I was doing this? What did I expect to achieve? How was this enriching my spirit? Was there a final outcome to all this leading me to some great life fulfillment? I asked myself where was the enlightenment?

    My answers were discouraging. I did it for boyfriend. I did it to look good in my new Guess jeans. I did it to be accepted because this is what my friends of value did. I did it because it was expected.

    This observation left me feeling shallow. I felt cheated. There was supposed to be an eternal reward for achieving my workout goals. My motivations were supposed to lead me to make goals that held reward such as eternal wisdom injecting my spirit with profound contentment. Instead, I was slapped in the face by superficial reality.

    Needless to say, I quit working out. I quit caring about my looks completely. I realized that I wanted more in my life. I wanted my life to consist of the joy that I always heard church people talk about.You know like it says in the Psalms. Restore unto me the joy of my salvation.

    Not long after that I was at one of my regular appointments with my useless therapist. Looking back on seven years of counseling makes me wonder why I wasn’t more informed.

    Anyway, while I was in the waiting room I picked up a pamphlet about psychosis and proceeded to read it. I got to the symptoms and I had every one. I had every symptom of psychosis. This devastated me. I put the pamphlet in my pocket and went to my appointment. I was uneventful. I chose not to disclose what I had read psychosis.

    I went home and I confronted God. I let Him know how I felt and that I wanted to die and HE was going to kill me (I was suicidal but in a previous pact with God I made the promise that I would never attempt suicide again).

    I put my nightgown on and got into bed and waited. In the meantime, i started writing andI crying and praying. This went on for maybe a year. I’m not sure of the time. I was in an extreme psychotic state to say the least. I though people had camera’s planted in my house. All my “friends” (if you want to categorize that way) had abandoned me. I didn’t even have a way to get to the store. My son had to take our paper food stamps and ride his bike to the convenience store so we could have bread and milk.

    I gave up completely. I no longer cleaned the house. It wasn’t going to matter after I was dead anyway. I took on an I don’t care attitude. This now outlook gave me quite a new feeling of freedom. On the other hand, I raged with raw emotion I was being destroyed to my depths. I was in anguish. I was to say the least conflicted.

    I was so angry at myself for having five kids when I couldn’t even take care of myself. Everything within me believed they would be better off without me. I was doing them a favor by dying.We lived in a small trailer.

    My terribly abusive ex-husband chose to move us to a secluded area where my whole existence would have to depend on his mercy and he had none. The one good thing was we had previously broken up so that was a plus.

    It was wintertime and I kept all the curtains closed and pretended it was snowy and cold out and I actually had a reason to never leave my house.

    A part of me did die in that trailer during that time. I let go of layer upon layer of negatives that had been accumulating with time. I fought with the way I felt. I was riddled with guilt. I compared my emotions to how I thought I was supposed to feel!

    This went on for maybe a year. With springtime came so much newness. Underneath all those conflicting raw emotion, there was a new green sprout. Talk about relief! That doesn’t even begin to describe it!

    I realized and understood that I was going to have to quit avoiding people and let someone help me. Soon after Kathy came into my life. I ended up with a dependable income. I moved to a nice big house with my kids in the city so we could walk everywhere we needed to go.

    I lived there for ten years and I now live in a small apartment in Ohio.

    Sorry for the lengthy comment but I am in full manic mode. I haven’t slept for at least a week. I think I’m going to have to go back on Lithium and although this is fun it can’t be healthy.

    Oh one more thing about working out. I’ve decide it’s time for me to adopt a healthy lifestyle for overall benefits. Not for superficial results 🙂

    • You don’t ever have to apologize for expressing yourself, especially with me:) My blog is called YOU-unfolded after all;) It is truly refreshing to hear about your life, good and not so good, because your experiences and the wisdom you gained from them can be an inspiration for others.
      I am sincerely happy to hear that you realized your incredible worth and value in God’s eyes and in the eyes of those 5 (most likely amazing) children you have:)
      You got it absolutely right…a healthy lifestyle is not in fact healthy if it is for superficial reasons.
      May you find your healthy balance and it is a pleasure to meet you:)
      Much Love Always,

  4. …as overwhelming feelings of guilt rage within me…


    **True Confessions**

    My big fitness plan is to incorporate walks into my daily schedule.

    I am going to follow you maybe some of this enthusiasm will prove to be contagious 🙂

  5. Look like you both enjoyed yourself at the wedding. I love dancing!! I’m normally the first one on the dance floor, and the last to leave haha! I’ve been doing HIIT for a while now, and love it!

  6. Showing people that exercise can be more than treadmills and weights is an important reality that can stimulate new interest where none existed. HIIT training offers a very effective style designed for endurance strength and maximizes calorie burn. Great post.

  7. Love the stretches & yoga. I have used these for years for both pre & post workout. They’re a great addition to gymnastics & one I keep up. There’s nothing more stress relieving than a heavy workout followed by either or both of those!

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