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Casita Turquesa Fall Decor
Photo Credit: Casita Turquesa


There are moments you meet someone at just the right time in your life.

As the years pass by and you go through various milestones (graduation, a new job, marriage, divorce, retirement, etc), people in our lives come and go and often some of the significant ones fade away.

I have been feeling a bit depressed, especially since the holidays are rolling in, because I was recalling family and friends that have become estranged. People who were near and dear to me, and I still hold very close to my heart and think of everyday, that for one reason or the other are no longer a part of my life.

Learning to let go of the people who have obviously let go of me has been excruciating and difficult to say the least. But I experienced first hand that “when one door closes another opens” is not just a cliché.

Last week I not only attended a wedding for a couple that have become such amazing friends through the years, but I also met the beautiful (inside and out) DianisLee, creator of the blog Casita Turquesa.

DianisLee & I

DianisLee is the wife of one of my husband’s old high school friends and when her and I started talking we hit it off! Our husbands even stated it was like we already knew each other! LOL

She is an incredibly supportive wife and a mother to 3 children and she also has a day job! One of the most wonderful things about her is that she is passionate about her goals and dreams and makes an effort to achieve them.

DianisLee’s main endeavor is to start her own business of home styling, including furniture upcycling and revamps. That is where her site Casita Turquesa (Spanish for “little turquoise house”) comes in.


DianisLee at Deering Estate
Photo Credit: Casita Turquesa Blog

She has an amazing sense of style and I love how she takes old, sometimes unwanted, furniture and turns it into a masterpiece!

Dresser as Buffet Table
Dresser used as a dining buffet table (Photo from Casita Turquesa Facebook Page)

DianisLee is worthy of having her business grow because she is talented, driven, humble, and most of all kindhearted.

I want to give a shout out to her work and recommend you show some love on her site because she made an imprint in my heart and she has become a new dear friend in my life.



If you live in the area, keep her info handy if you’re interested in her services:

  • Home Styling
  • Room Decorating on a budget
  • Unique Furniture finds
  • Furniture Revamping (sanding, painting, staining, upholstering)

Let us all try to reflect on the people we have in our present and take the time to tell them the significance of their presence in our lives. Whether they have stuck by you for years or if they are someone new that has helped make your days a bit brighter, it is always a pleasure to hear the 3 words:

“I appreciate you”

Much Love,



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58 Comments on Pay It Forward | Casita Turquesa

  1. Nena, I have missed your posts. Both the internet and the computer have been down most of the last week.
    I love this post and went to visit Dianis’ Blog and Facebook account.
    This is a wonderful post. I love the photo of the two of you.
    Have a wonderful week and a great Thanksgiving.
    I have been down ALSO. Missing family. Holiday blues.
    Hanging in there like I always do.
    Love you Sarah

    • I’ve missed writing and posting. Was not feeling up to writing recently but now I’m back:) So happy that you’re back too and hope you keep hanging in there and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for your comments and for checking out Dianis’s site and FB page:) Your support is always appreciated!

      • I was back briefly. I am glad you are finally back to writing again.
        I am so frustrated with not being able to write and post like I want to. The laptop is still really messed up and the internet is just slow. When it is on.
        Thanksgiving was busy and I am tired. Danny and I cooked 14 turkey’s and 5 hams and fixin’s for 19 families. Plus ours and another 3 turkey’s and more side dishes that were slit up for People who lived alone. Our church paid for all the food.
        It took some doing to get everything done this year. Plus work as well.
        I crashed every night when I could and didn’t get up till I had to leave for the park the next day. I took today (Saturday) off. I couldn’t get out of bed.
        My ankle is swollen but It was worth it.
        Only a few weeks to go before we do it again for Christmas.
        I’ll visit you ASAP. Love Sarah

    • Thank you, Elizabeth:) It is very hard to stop longing for those closed doors to reopen, but once we find peace and see the new opportunities before us we will better than we were yesterday:)

  2. This is so heart warming. Nena, on behalf of this great lady DianisLee, I Appreciate You!. But even more, I Appreciate You big, Nena. You’ve got such a beautiful heart that has really blessed my online journey. Thanks Nena. And thanks for introducing me to Dianis Lee

  3. I was blown away by your post! I teared up and smiled the entire time I read it. Thank you so much my darling, loving, beautiful friend! I am appreciative of you and beyond excited about our connection!! I cannot wait to live our purpose in each others lives!!

  4. Very nice to see you passing a warm hearted message on about a kind person and her venture in life. You did a beautiful job of promoting her talent and business, but did it in a very “human” manner. You obviously have deep feelings about life and people and this clearly is felt in your writing. Although this may subject you to some personal pains in life, it will clearly be outweighed by the depth of your personality. Stay true to yourself always. Wishing you a happy and healthy weekend.

    • Thank you so much for that:) I do have to say that you always do the same with your genuine, heartfelt comments. May you have a happy, healthy, and overall blessed weekend as well!

  5. I appreciate this post.Dianislee has a gracious and kind look which espresses her rich , strong and sweet personality . Rxctly like yors, Nena. I am not surprised you get along very well.

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