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We are approaching the end of yet another month and it is time to for us to gather together for a cup of tea!

Our first tea time was in the comfort of our new dining room and now I would like to invite you to my new favorite place to have tea; The Tea Room.

I found The Tea Room through Groupon and it sounded so delightful that I had to get it for my hubby and I to enjoy!

Now I would like for you to join me in the experience while we catch up over a cup of tea.

tea cup the tea room

The Tea Room has several different rooms inside, each with its own décor and style, my favorite was the butterfly room and that is the one we will be dining at! Reservations were made ahead of time so we wasted no time waiting and were sat down right away!

As we get to choose from the assortment of loose-leaf teas that you can have either hot or cold, I would tell you that I had such a wonderful time in Colombia and how I will be sharing all the details of each day once I get a chance to sort through the 1000+ photos we took!

After we choose our teas, we will start with the soups of the day; French onion soup and lentil soup. The pumpkin soup (not pictured) is also very delicious 😛

We would then note how lovely the tea pots are and enjoy the smooth, comforting flavors of our tea.

Through the delicious flavors of our soups I will mention how much I missed reading all the posts from my “bluddies” while I was in Colombia and how now I am trying my best to catch up on most of them.

As we sip our tea I would be reminded of the Coffee Tag from the beautiful Serena, where I would have to name the following that I would have coffee with (of course I will choose tea as my drink of choice):

1) A character public or famous:

I would say Zooey Deschanel because she seems like she would be fun to hang out with. Plus, she sings, dances for fun, and blogs; sounds like my kind of people 😉

2) A person who is part of my real life:

My husband is the person I always enjoy sipping tea with.

3) A blogger of my community:

You, of course!

I would especially love to meet Elisabeth from Everything and Nothin’ because not only was she one of YOUnfolded’s first followers, we have made a special connection and I also won her giveaway last month!

I was chosen completely at random and she left such a sweet card along with all the goodies that were included in her giveaway. My favorite item would have to be the “friendship glasses” she gave me! She happens to have a pair just like them, too.

sun glasses smile card
The cute card from Elisabeth and the “friendship glasses”

Now, you share with me what your answers would be for the coffee tag while we wait to devour the tower of scrumptious treats 😛 (write your answers in the comments below if you like)

The savory tower holds a mix of homemade deliciousness with quiches, scones, assorted tea sandwiches, muffins, and banana bread.

As we barely finish the whole thing and pack the rest to go, I will tell you how I have various recipes lined up that I can’t wait to share with you!

The Tea Room is located in a quaint, adorable location and I will take you around to experience it just like I plan to take you through all the interesting places I visit in the future.

There is also a DIY beauty shop and I am inspired to start making my own beauty products again and share my concoctions for you to try if you like 🙂

As our tea date is heading to a close, I will tell you that I am planning on moving to a self-hosted blog at some point in the near future.

But this is not good-bye, for I will continue to keep in touch and have monthly tea dates with all of you in hopes that you will continue to stay for a while.

Much Love,


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  1. I enjoyed the adventure. This was a very clever way of providing an experience as well as a tour. Looks like the two of you had a wonderful time. I hope this inspires others to try a little adventuring. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience.

  2. What a beautiful place love!! I love tea!! If I am ever in Miami, I am totally going there!! We will totally have to take a girls day there hehe!! And aw how sweet of you to mention me!! You are the best love and seriously the kindest person ever!! You totally made my day!!!!

    • We were surprised to find this place less than 10 minutes away from our home:) Maybe conduct a search online; you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find;)

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