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We are nearing the time for celebrations in our family with my husband’s birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, our 8 year anniversary, and our 1 year wedding anniversary!!

I am so excited I just want to dance! Seriously, I don’t even need music to get up and bust a move 😉

Dancing is not only a way to celebrate and express great joy, but it is also a very fun way to exercise. In fact, dancing is a well-rounded exercise by working the entire body via cardio and it also aids with flexibility.

Dancing can be either low or high impact, depending on how fast or how difficult the dance moves are, and it is also a good way to exercise the brain by incorporating the use of coordination.

To make matters even better, Cosmopolitan featured dancing as one the 11 Workouts That Burn More Calories Than Jogging.

The amount of calories burned depends on the type of exercise, the amount of time spent doing the exercise, and on your weight, but I would choose dancing over running any day (although I do enjoy running).

I have done Zumba® and various videos that included dancing as a form of exercise. I decided to find some free videos to dance my heart out and share them with all of you.

Let’s dance!

Day 1

I started with a dance routine that worked the entire body:

I do have to say that I was laughing throughout the video because it reminded me of a soap opera. The woman was so gorgeous it was mesmerizing with her perfect hair and makeup and with wind blowing against her face the entire time. Also, the moves made me feel like I was doing a female version of Magic Mike; or should I say I was Magic Michelle.

The workout was easy to follow during the first half of the video, but it picks up at the second half (after the water break) so be warned if you tend to have two left feet.

Day 2

Today I decided to go back in time and found a dance workout video by the talented Paula Abdul.

Paula mentions in the intro of the video that she will break down each move so that beginners do not have a problem following along. But I consider myself to have pretty good coordination and the moves did get more complicated along the way no matter how she broke them down.

So if you end up just kicking your legs all over the place, remember, you are still moving so you are still working it! LOL

Day 3

I wanted to do a dance workout that focused on the abdominals and I found the following video:

The video includes a warm up and a cool down and it also incorporates floor exercises for a well-rounded workout.

I had a short week due to our extended Thanksgiving celebration this past weekend, but I had a lot of fun incorporating different dance moves into my repertoire!

“We can’t always choose the music life plays for us, but we can choose how we dance to it!”

– Unknown

What is your favorite dance move?

Much Love,


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24 Comments on Move It Monday | Let’s Dance

  1. Dancing is certainly most natural of ways to celebrate and exercise. It’s deeply ingrained into our make-up. The first video has Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu whom I see you have already appreciated a lot. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    Love and light <3

    Anand 🙂

  2. Dancing is a great form of exercise as well as a great release of built up energy (or stress.) This is a marvelous method to “lighten the load” while improving health and energy.

    Congratulations on so many upcoming events. I am anticipating seeing that smile on your face for many days in December. I hope it continues for a lifetime.

    • It is a perfect way to smile, laugh, and exercise:) Thank you very much! Your words mean more to me than you know:) Many blessings to you and your loved ones as we near the end of 2015!

  3. I agree that dancing gives you such a good workout and it’s so much fun. I really like the Zumba workouts as well. Sometimes I’ll just dance around the house with the kids to whatever music is playing. Keep dancing Magic Michelle! Lol.

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