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Many know how valuable teachers are and we praise them for the hope they instill in the members of our future generation.

But teachers are much more than what they do in the classroom, especially the really great ones.

The work of a teacher does not cease when they leave school grounds. Countless hours are spent grading papers, searching for resources, and devising and preparing lesson plans for each school day.

Some teachers treasure the lives of their students as if they were their own children and invest so much of themselves to even just have one student believe they are capable of conquering the world!

Apart from being teachers, they have roles of a son or daughter, parent, sibling, partner, and friend. Quite frankly, someone who works as a teacher, which is almost a 24/7 job, and juggles all other aspects of their life is kind of a super human.

Meet Gradeschool Brains: The Adventures of an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Teacher!

Gradeschool Brains Title


Annie, the brains behind the blog, has shared insightful posts related to teaching and what it is like working with children with developmental disabilities.

Mrs. Annie

She may not frequent the blog, but that is because she works behind the scenes to make each of her lessons meaningful and effective.

Annie is also a Sunday school teacher at her home church, which doubles the teaching duties.

Sunday school candy message
Cute and creative Sunday School Message Annie put together

She is also devoted to her marriage, her family, and her friends and takes any free time she has to spend time with them.

Annie and Parents
Annie with her wonderful parents

Annie dedicates a lot of her own time to organizing and participating in events to advocate for her students and partakes in various continuing education opportunities to be an even greater source of wisdom and inspiration to those she teaches.

So, Annie…


Keep inspiring and doing what you do because you are changing lives…for the better!

Annie is a gem within a mine full of precious stones that shine hope into the lives of many. Take the time to show appreciation to the wonderful teachers you may know for they work harder than what is witnessed.

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

-Japanese Proverb

Much Love,



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24 Comments on Pay It Forward | Gradeschool Brains

  1. This is such a beautiful post and I agree with everything. The Japanese proverb is such good. I come from a family of teachers. Brahmins were considered teachers traditionally as they used to teach Vedas and my family has many teachers too. My parents are both teachers(they are still working though I am retired!) and many aunts and uncles on both sides teach in schools. This post was very special for me. Annie is certainly a very special teacher and I wish her all the success and good luck. Thanks for introducing her to us 🙂

    Love and light <3

    Anand 🙂

    • I understood everything except the last 3 lines so I looked it up lol Such beautiful and kind words!! Merci boucoup!! Tu est tres gentille!
      BTW, you helped me brush up on my French a bit:)

  2. Thank you for this profile. Teachers are important…We need to stop scapegoating them for problems that they didn’t cause. It takes dedication and skill to be a good teacher. Thank you for reminding us of that.

  3. My friend, you’ve brought tears to my eyes! It’s always nice to be recognized (who doesn’t like that?). Oh, but it means so much more when it comes from people you love and look up to. You’ve taught me so much! I love you very much and I thank God for your friendship always. Thank you for your beautiful words- as always super encouraging (no pun intended ?).

    • You’re super welcome? Truly you are worth the appreciation and recognition. You are wonderful on so many levels and you are a superb example of an excellent teacher! Love you so much?

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