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workout and exercise indoors
Me working out indoors

The rain has been pouring down here in South Florida, which leaves very little room to do anything outdoors.

Thankfully, working out from home is very feasible with all the free sources of workouts available out there.

However, sometimes the challenge is having very little room to do it.

When I still lived at home with my mom, I worked out in my bedroom for years and have learned to modify exercises for a small space.

I decided to put together some workouts that I have done that were specifically designed for limited room to move.

Day 1

Fitness Blender has workouts for everything and they usually conduct their exercises in a small surface area.

The following is a full body workout where no equipment is needed:

A warm up and cool down is not included in the video.

Day 2

For a lower body workout, I went with a video from PsycheTruth for a low impact, yet very effective workout.

During this routine, you remain within the space of a floor mat so it is perfect for a confined area.

Day 3

Weights can still be incorporated to increase the intensity of a workout without taking up too much room.

Deniza is a wonderful bluddy that shares her incredible knowledge in health and fitness and the following is an upper body workout she put together.

You may use dumbbells and/or resistance bands to perform the workout and make sure to warm up and cool down.

Day 4

I like turning to Pinterest when I want to workout and watch television at the same time and I found this workout that made me sweat!

Again, make sure to warm up and cool down.

Day 5

For a quick stretch and ab workout, the following is an awesome video:

Love the name of the gym (The Booty Barre LOL) and if you are short on time, the workout is easy to fit in anywhere.

I know that this is not in line with the small space theme of the post, but I did want to share that I went indoor rock climbing this weekend!

X-treme Indoor Rock Climbing
Scoping out our challenge ahead
X-treme Indoor Rock Climbing
Hubby saying hello!

X-treme Indoor Rock Climbing

X-treme Indoor Rock Climbing
I struggled half way but I made it to the top!

It was such a blast and a pretty intense workout!

β€œSmall rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it.”

-Leonardo Da Vinci

How is your workout space?

Much Love,


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39 Comments on Move It Monday | Small Spaces

  1. I have enough space here to workout on rooftop but I only practice breathing techniques which can be easily done in narrow spaces as well. I love that quote by Da Vinci. He certainly was a “crammer” as were most geniuses of Renaissance period. If you see their notebooks(including his) they have utilized even writing spaces so well as paper was scarce those days. And now I heard scientists found another layer of painting underneath Monalisa’s popular surface–ever mysterious Monalisa!

    Sometimes I wonder how do you remember all videos as you share so many. Do you get back to them time-to-time? Your posts are so well organized! Thanksfor sharing πŸ™‚

    Love and light <3

    Anand πŸ™‚

    • Geniuses are amazing in their thinking aren’t they?! I didn’t know that news about the Monalisa! How fascinating!
      With the videos I either look at my history in YouTube or I just think back on each day on what I did to search for the resource I used again. Thank you for the compliment:)

    • How cool!! We did a little bit of that inside the same location we rock climbed. It is a great activity for a group of friends and what an adrenaline rush!

  2. This is great because I workout at home in my small apartment too (it’s freezing outside and just the idea of stepping out is enough to deter me). But often my workouts get stale. I’m going to try these!! You have such creativity for putting moves together!

    • Thank you, Roci! Changing it up helps keep me motivated and I know firsthand what it’s like to not have enough space to workout indoors? So happy that I could help! ?

  3. Love this! It always motivates me to see others are as dedicated to fitness as I am, and all that is done from home! I look forward to your monday posts <3 and I am so jealous of your indoor rock climbing adventure πŸ™‚ xoxo

    • Thank you so much, Deniza! I feel the same about you:) Your posts are uplifting and it is refreshing to see good wholesome information when we are seeing so many people being misguided in the health and fitness area.

  4. Removing the excuses (in this case, space) helps incentivize people to move forward in productive ways. Sometimes people just need a gentle nudge. Your posts and the fun you share will likely achieve this objective. Keep sharing and showing the benefits you’ve achieved (emotionally and physically.) It will motivate others to follow suit.

  5. Would love to try out the workouts, especially the low impact lower body work out, looks like you had massive fine rock climbing…love and light and thanks for the post.

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