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The concept of paying it forward is well known and it is something many engage in expecting nothing in return.

In fact, paying it forward means performing an act of kindness towards a random person and instead of having them pay it back to you, you request for them to pay it forward to someone else.

The acts of those who pay it forward can often be overlooked, though it is far from being depreciated for the ones they have touched.

The Metta Students Foundation recognizes the impact kindness and compassion has on mankind and it awards young people for engaging in acts of paying it forward.

Metta Students Foundation Mission Norm Kelly, the founder of Metta Students Foundation, was inspired to start the organization after he heard about how one teen’s act of kindness had a ripple effect.

A young girl heard about another teen from a different city that was in a wheelchair as a result of cerebral palsy and desired to go to prom, however he did not have a date. The teenage girl decided she wanted to be his prom date and when the young man’s school found out about her sweet gesture, the students rallied together to vote and crown him as prom king; nearly everyone voted for him!

Norm Kelly was touched by the effect the young girl’s action had on others and he desired for the movement to maintain momentum. Therefore, the Metta Students Foundation was started and awarded the young girl, including her date, with $1000 each to go towards furthering their education.

Metta is the Buddhist virtue of kindness and means “loving kindness”. Although the Metta Students foundation is currently taking student nominations mainly for Rhode Island and Massachusetts, they are also accepting donations to expand geographically in hopes of continuing to share metta across the globe.

For the recognition of those that give selflessly and for promoting a future generation that values loving kindness,

Metta Students Foundation YOU ROCK!!

Education is highly valuable and in light of paying it forward I would like to extend the request to help a fellow blogger with her future school goals.

Many are familiar with Brey from Ordinary Adventures and she recently was accepted to grad school!! Congrats, Brey!

However, grad school is not free and she requested help from her bluddies, if willing and able, to donate towards funding her dream of becoming a teacher. So, please check out her blog if you haven’t already and pay it forward at

Let us all #ShareMetta whenever possible!

Much Love,





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17 Comments on Pay It Forward | #ShareMetta

  1. Hi Nena, how are you? I missed you my friend and sorry for not being able to check every now and then as I have been busy and have some internet issues. We even have experienced typhoon and flooding here but we are all right although there are devastation and casualties in some part of our country. I loved your post and it coincides with what I have been learning so far from a free online university I have taken (one of the reasons I have been busy) as the courses are mostly about non-profit organizations and highlighted paying it forward. I have shared Brey’s link on Gofundme in facebook and hopefully his goals will be achieved. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. All the best to you! 🙂

    • It’s so nice to hear from you again around these parts! I’m doing ok and my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your country. Thank you so much for your support and may this wonderful deed come back to you 100 times more! Blessings to you?

  2. What a touching gesture. It was so kind of the school to rally around that young man like that and make prom extra special for him. This will be something he never forgets, and in a good way. This is the type of movement we need in schools, standing out for doing what’s right and helping others. This is what makes the world a better place!

    • I was very touched by the actions of the students and it was a trickle effect from what one young girl did:) That is why I enjoy featuring Pay It Forward so that at least 1 one out there is inspired to keep the momentum going:)

  3. These are such inspiring stories. How many people in this world think they have nothing to offer when if fact they have themselves to offer. Sometimes, this small insight can turn a persons world into a better tomorrow.
    Great story to share. Thank you so much.

  4. This is awesome! The spirit of our youth is remarkable–from the inspiration that sparked #ShareMetta down to the movement itself. I can understand, but not accept the reasons why people just don’t choose to simply live in L-O-V-E. *long sigh*. In other news Kudos Brey!!!! ♥

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