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Victoria’s Secret (VSX) models are known for their gorgeous looks and fit bodies. Many covet their appearance and try to recreate their hairstyles, makeup, and fashion sense.

There are others that desire to workout like an Angel in an attempt to be fit like one, so I decided to put together some exercises from the VSX trainers themselves.

Health and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and the workouts are meant to add variety to a daily routine and by no means is it an attempt to sculpt our bodies to look a certain way.

So let’s move it Angel style…

Day 1

Heather Dorak, founder of Pilates Platinum, is the trainer for Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio and she put together a full-body workout:

The following is a perfect post workout routine (also Victoria Secret style):

Day 2

Michael Olajide is a trainer for supermodels and he put together this great arm workout:

The video is a synopsis of the entire workout, therefore what I did was pause the video in between the moves to complete the entire circuit.

The workout includes a very quick warm-up and cool down so I would suggest adding a few extra minutes to each.

Day 3

All the Victoria’s Secret models have an incredible core and this workout is Adriana Lima’s way of maintaining amazing abs (synopsis video):

No warm-up or cool down included. I warmed up doing the following:

30 seconds of walking in place

2:30 seconds of jogging in place

2 minutes of jumping jacks

My cool down included stretches for the abdomen.

Day 4

Ballet Beautiful’s Mary Helen Bowers devised a full body barre routine that is tougher than it looks (another summary video):

Add a warm-up and cool down for a complete workout.

VSX models look fantastic, but they work hard to get their bodies in shape and keep it that way.

We don’t have to look like a model to love our bodies and take care of it so let’s keep moving!

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  1. I’m looking forward to trying the full body workout….after the holidays of course! Hey, I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra. Are those just extra fancy, or what? How would you like that much bling in a bra?

  2. Nena, I really enjoyed this post because it set a realistic view on what it takes to stay fit no matter who it is. I recently began to do cross-fit style training because I sit a lot for my job and after my job I sit some more, but mainly, I was experiencing a lot of back pain. I wanted to do something to strengthen my body. I was tired of being in pain. I am not pain free and can no do a full push up. Thank you for your message and for sharing the workout videos.

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! Great move on starting to strengthen your body more:) You are right, it is very important when we sit for long periods of time to find a way to get some movement and activity. I am sincerely happy to hear that you are on your way to reducing pain and killing those push-ups!!

  3. Your thoughtful encouragement to motivate your readers to get their bodies in “motion” is commendable. You offer great selections and imply that exercise for health is more important than exercise for vanity. This helps excite people and begins the process of gradual transformation. Your energy is so needed! 🙂

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