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cocker spaniel and yorkie Princess Leia and ZoeyOrganizations and individuals all over the world work to help humanity on various aspects to uplift and transmit compassion throughout mankind.

Several of the latter have been featured on the Pay It Forward Friday series, however humans are not the only living things on Earth worth treasuring and preserving.

When a massive flood was going to destroy most of mankind on Earth, Noah was given divine instructions to build an ark to not only hold his dearly beloved ones, but also two of each creature in the world. Whether or not Noah’s ark is a story you believe, the underlying message resonates that animal life is also precious!

No Kill Coalition is a non-profit organization with a shared purpose of working toward the goal of eliminating the mass killing of homeless animals.”

Although there are many animal rescue organizations that work towards having no kill shelters, they usually stand alone and are scattered all over the globe. The No Kill Coalition’s mission is for pro-animal rights organizations and individuals to “come together and build a unified voice” in “coordinating the efforts of the rescue community…and achieving the goal of reforming animal controls which now have a kill policy.”

On the No Kill Coalition Facebook page there are opportunities to sign petitions and donate time and money towards reporting animal abuse at animal controls, contacting the media, and taking political action to reform kill shelters.

The No Kill Coalition also has an additional Facebook page (No Kill Coalition Crossposting) dedicated to posting adoption, rescue, and foster opportunities on animals in shelters.

I have been a pet owner ever since I can remember; hamsters, parakeets, dogs, and cats; and they have all left their special imprint in my heart. I can’t imagine a world without the joy and affection these precious creatures bring to my life, therefore for all the work and effort behind preserving animal life, the No Kill Coalition

You are PROFOUNDLY appreciated!!

To learn more about the No Kill Movement there are booklets and toolkits provided by the No Kill Coalition here.

As a personal side note, if you are considering having a pet as a new addition to your home, please adopt from a shelter or rescue organization! There are many animals in need of loving homes and they will reciprocate devotion and appreciation every day of their lives to yours.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. Anatole France. White cat stretching

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18 Comments on Pay It Forward | No Kill Coalition

  1. In North Texas the abandoned animals on the outskirts of towns is heartbreaking – and actually dangerous when dogs become aggressive. What’s worse, some sheriff officers harass people who leave food for the abandoned animals. It’s a complicated problem that needs more awareness. Good post, Nena.

    • Oh that is such a tough situation. Especially if the authorities are against trying to aid the helpless animals:( You are right…things like this need more awareness so many can come together for a positive change.

  2. I agree to that. I was not an animal lover one year back. But then, this year, I realized what I was missing. This post reminded me of something really good. Thanks.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. I contribute to these organizations every year including the rescue agency I adopted my beagle. Helping anyone (human or animal) is a worthy cause.

    • Thank you for your contributions:) You are making an impact in the lives of many other amazing animals like you did for your beagle. I am sure the love you receive in return outweighs it all!

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