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green trees pathway with woman walking in a green dressHappy New Year!! Hope everyone had a fun, joyous, and safe holiday season! I took an impromptu blog vacation and it left me surprisingly refreshed.

Writing, reading, and sharing is therapeutic for me, but it is also time consuming. Taking some time off from blogging allowed me the opportunity to complete the December challenge of creating a themed party, a few DIYs, some yummy recipes, and to spend some quality time with loved ones.

Throughout the month of January I will be sharing all the things that were created in December’s challenge along with taking part in a new challenge…

Renew and Do You

Taking some time off reminded me of the importance of taking care of our own emotional and mental health.

Most of what I do is for others and it often led me to desire to make peace with everyone and keep everyone happy. Although it sounds honorable, it is not a very healthy position to be in because no matter what we do, we can’t possibly please every single person. Also, there are people that despite your efforts to make peace are not willing to do the same in return.

I quickly became burned out and experienced depression and a lack of motivation and desire for anything. Taking a break from the regular routine brought me back to what I believe to be a healthy hierarchy of needs:

  1. God/Faith: First, we need to know our value in God’s eyes as His fearfully and wonderfully made creation.
  2. Self: Once we are aware of our self worth and practice self-love despite our imperfections, we are able to understand, accept, and genuinely love others.
  3. Family/Loved Ones: We are social beings and it is essential for us to have loving and supportive relationships to survive in this world. Even if it is just one person, make sure to cherish and tend to the relationship.
  4. Job/Careers: Jobs/Careers are important financially, but they are also a platform to use our skills and talents and provide personal growth.
  5. Ministry/World/Others: If the latter is in order, we are in the best position to give to others because we will know how to use our gifts and talents to make a positive impact and we will have a greater sense of the value of humanity.

I have often placed number two (myself) farther down the list so this month I plan to take part in at least one thing for myself every day. The following are some examples:

  • My own personal meditation/prayer time
  • Reading
  • Soaking in the tub
  • Doing a face or hair mask
  • Going for a walk or leisurely bike ride
  • Listen to music
  • Take a nap
  • Journaling/Scrapbooking/Drawing
  • Light stretching
  • Watch a funny show or video

There are many resolutions that are being made and most of them require a lot of hustle and bustle so I encourage each of you to take part in this challenge to unwind each day to be renewed and go towards your goals with more fervor.

relax poem written by Just Patty
Poem written by the talented Patty from Petite Magique

Tell me how you will Do You…

Much Love,



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55 Comments on Challenge | Renew and Do You

  1. I had a really shitty year in 2015. Had complications with my cancer and also started smoking again after having quit for 5 months! Not sure if this year is going to be much better but I’m going to give it my best shot!

    • True that we really don’t know what is going to happen and the only thing we really have control of is how we let what happens affect us. Giving it our best shot is what we can do! Here’s to better days and an overall better year!

    • Thank you, Alok! And excellent advice to not overthink! I have found myself stressed out over things I over analyze so it is best to just be sometimes.

  2. Great thoughts, Nena. It took me far too long to realize mental strength was a limited resource (just like physical) and needed time to rest, recharge and even be built. I’m so happy you know it already.

    • Thank you, Kevin:) I do feel like it took me quite a while to practice what I have been preaching to others for so long:p Feels good to truly heed to my own advice more now.

  3. Inspiring post and great advice to follow Nena! Thank you very much for this. I have been busy last few months so I also have been absent in blogging and missed all of you my dear friends here. Glad you are back. I will still be busy with some serious stuff but will visit every now and then. Hugs to you! 🙂 Be blessed always my beautiful friend 🙂

  4. You are a wise young lady. Recognizing life out of balance is a difficult achievement. Taking the necessary steps to re-balance it is even more impressive. Enjoy life, find happiness EVERYDAY and live the life you choose. God gave it to you, stepped back, and offered you the opportunity to decide what to do with it. Quite a gift!

    • Amen to that! It is such a tremendous pleasure to be able to hear from you and fellow bloggers again:) You all help me feel more refreshed each time.

  5. Nena,
    You sound relaxed and refreshed. Love the photo.
    I am so glad you and your hubby had a good holiday.
    I was FORCED into taking some time off last month as well and it was the BEST thing to happen to me. Forced only because WordPress has been messed up and our internet comes and goes. I had to slow down on line. I was able to focus on Advent and some in-depth Bible studies I had been wanting to do.
    I also needed a break from posting ALL the time. Worrying about everything here.
    The time away allowed me to regroup in other areas. Danny and I found a hobby we both enjoy. We are spending QUALITY time together …..just like we use to.
    It’s been amazing.
    I am still a long way away from relaxing my mind.
    Like you, I want to give back something, all the time. Danny and I do the Meals for the Lonely over the holidays…..This year, I took on more than I should have. I spent most of the month cooking and baking for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years….for our little country church down the road and another local group.
    Plus we had 2 large events at the park I was cooking for….(well, helping there).
    Volunteering is fun but it is a lot of hard work.
    I am exhausted from everything.
    Our last event at the park (for awhile) is tomorrow night. A going away party for our Cowboy. It’s a Labor of Love but takes a lot of time.
    I am looking forward to time alone here when Danny is working. To regroup, spiritually and emotionally. Then I can be a better , more relaxed wife and friend when he gets home.
    As usual, I wrote a book. Either I am silent anymore or I can’t stop writing.
    I love you my friend. HUGS, Sarah

    • LOL! I enjoy reading through your testaments 😉 I truly do. Sometimes the little things, like the internet and WordPress not working as it should, are the signs we get to remind us to slow down and take time off. I’m very happy to hear you can spend more quality time with your love for that will uplift you as a couple and as individuals:) God bless you and all your hard work!

  6. Good to see you’re back!! I’ve had to take some time off as well. You are so correct when you say we need to take care of ourselves first and only then will we be in a better position to help others.

    • Oh Colin…and Ray of course☺️, that means a lot to me and I appreciate both of you! I’m looking forward to catching up on what has been going on over at your place:) Happy new year and many blessings to you!!

  7. Happy New Year! Glad to see you back, but fully understand you taking a break! I wasn’t posting as regularly over the holidays either. I love your list and you are right, time for yourself is very important. We are in better shape to be there for others if we take care of ourselves! In ways to relax yourself I am good at 1 and 2 and 8 🙂 Not that I get them done every day, but they are the most common ones for me. Thanks for sharing and blessings to you in the New Year!

    • Absolutely! I often talk about making sure to rest and I rarely did it myself. Time to change that. You said it…”we are in better shape to be there for others if we take care of ourselves”. It is a pleasure being back and catching up with bluddies like you! Happy new year and may you have much needed moments of relaxation to charge you up for the adventures this new year will bring:)

  8. Grace to you Nena! As you know I took over a month off from blogging and I totally understand when you say how low you felt for not having enough time for yourself! I feel 2015 was such an overwhelming year that the ones supporting others (like us!) had to work even harder to stay sane & pace themselves…which was obviously not easy due to the nature of the year! As I wrote in my blog, this year I don’t have any resolutions but to just ask myself every day “what can I do today to move things forward?” and then really take one step ahead towards that & just really having fun, cause last year it all suddenly stopped being fun and became very serious & about how many clients I got, & what business plan I should have…not fun at all! So it was around the end of last year that I really started to take very seriously the message behind my brand, which is to evoke grace in every day life no matter the circumstances, and I obviously want to expand on it this year cause it’s so very important to try and make our reality as joyful and graceful as we can! Happy 2016 xx

    • I am so happy to see you are also back “refreshed and renewed”!! You were missed in the blogging world, but a break can be very much needed to pull ourselves together again. Your new motto and mindset is perfect! Taking things one day at a time and focusing on what you do have control of instead of needlessly worrying about what we can’t change protects our mind and soul and our overall sanity. Hope you also unwind each day and take care of you? May you have tons of success in all aspects of your life!!

    • 3 includes friends, too, because many times they can be our family? Glad to hear that you’re making advancements in the skill set you were uniquely gifted with. Keep doing you!

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