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Ice Skating in Washington DC National Sculpture GardenHealth and fitness is always high on the radar when a new year starts. Beginning a workout routine is easy when everyone around us seems to be on the same boat. However, as time goes by the motivation for staying healthy dwindles with each passing month.

Santosh from Savvy Lessons brought up a terrific question when he asked,

“Is there some way for me to keep myself motivated enough to workout everyday?”

As I was answering his question I realized that the response would be a perfect post for all of us to find ways to stay driven towards improving our health and wellness.

7 Tips to Help Stick to Moving it Daily

1. Keeping in mind it’s for your health more than it is for physical gain

Our bodies constantly change and as we age our bodies are altered tremendously. We not only start to look different in shape and form, but we also may not be able to perform the same way we once did. Nothing, not even exercise, can reverse the inevitable effects of aging, but we can increase our quality of life via working out.

Exercise, along with good nutrition, aids with weight management and having a healthy weight alone reduces the risk of chronic conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and certain types of cancer. But another health advantage to exercise is that it increases our “good” cholesterol (high density lipoprotein, HDL) and decreases our triglycerides for improved heart health.

2. Changing up the exercises to reduce boredom

Make your workout routine fun! If you enjoy something, you look forward to it and are less likely to drop it so easily. The awesome thing about moving it is that the possibilities are endless!!

Check out some of the following Move It Monday posts to get inspired:

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3. Get it out of the way early!

Everyone’s schedule is different and maybe a morning workout may not be the perfect fit for you. But for the most part, making sure to get your exercise out of the way first thing reduces the chances of having other things get in the way of making time for it later.

4. Pencil It In

If number 3 does not work for you, then make a workout schedule and set your exercises as an appointment with YOU! Write it on a calendar, planner, and/or on your phone with an alert to remind you of your important date with yourself and prevent you from scheduling something in place of it.

5. Have accountability

Invite someone or a group of people to exercise with you or to swap progress with. Many use their blogs to document their fitness journey and all who do so receive words of encouragement from their readership.

We all have times where we may not stay on course and having support we can turn to steers us back on track.

6. Give yourself a break

“Life gets in the way” is life’s way of telling us it’s time for a getaway. There are moments when we are too busy, ill, or simply too tired to exercise and we should take heed to those moments and just relax. Besides, taking a break is a huge part of taking care of YOU!

7. Track Your Progress and Reward Yourself

Progress with fitness is not just about how much weight is lost. Sometimes our weight may not budge, but we can see improvements with exercise in many other ways. Walking an additional 5 minutes without shortness of breath, doing 10 sit-ups instead of barely making it to 5, and seeing a decrease in your bad cholesterol levels are all amazing feats worthy of celebration!

Reward yourself for your progress and make your rewards fitness-related (no food rewards!). For example, buy new workout gear or equipment and simply tell yourself, “You’re the man (Or woman 😉 ) ! Internal rewards/positive self-talk is an incredibly powerful way to maintain a strong mindset towards achieving goals and dreams.

Overall, the best exercise is the one you actually do and stick to! In order to keep us motivated all year long I have decided to start the Move It Monday link party. Along with the regular Move It Monday posts I want to open up the opportunity for all of you to share how you move it to stay fit.

The Rules

  1.  Introduce yourself and link a Move It Monday related post, e-book, or giveaway in the Thoughts section below. Must be fitness-related and it may include pre workout and post workout recipes, exercise tips, workout sequences, etc. Please do not link to your homepage.
  2. Don’t link and run! Check out at least 2 other links listed in the Thoughts section below and comment on their respective blogs to spread the encouragement.
  3. You may link back, reblog and/or share the link to party with others every Monday to keep us all motivated and continue on the road to great health! Plus, the more you share the more exposure you get for your blog 😉
  4. Party starts from the moment the Move It Monday post is up until Thursday 11:59 PM EST of that same week.
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*All links are subject to approval and may be deleted if not deemed appropriate or if rules are not followed.

Let’s get the party started and keep everyone moving!

Much Love,



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