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Weight training is extremely important for preserving lean body mass and fighting age-related muscle loss.

Lean body mass maintains a steady metabolism and as we lose it naturally with age our metabolism decreases which can lead to weight gain amongst other things. Therefore, sustaining muscle mass with weight training is essential for optimal health.

Incorporating weight training at least 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes makes a significant difference in muscle toning, endurance, and overall strength.

Here are a few workouts that include dumbbells to fire up our metabolism:

Day 1

BeFit did not fail to deliver a workout that is perfect for toning lower body muscles for great legs and glutes 😉 The video includes a warm up and cool down, however add some additional stretches of your own afterwards because you will be feeling this workout the next day.

Day 2

Many of us know how awesome Fitness Blender is and because they have a huge glossary of exercises I found this great one while looking for a short upper body dumbbell workout.

Make sure to include a warm up and cool down to prevent any injuries.

Day 3

These ab exercises are hard enough to do without weights so adding dumbbells was a challenge, but I accepted! I would suggest again, a warm up and cool down, and to use weights according to your level of fitness. There is no shame in using 1-pound weights and increasing the weight with time. At the end of the day, you are still working it!

Day 4

You might be pretty sore after all the heavy lifting so take a day to do this nice stretch routine from Fitness Blender and then indulge in a hot bath to soothe those muscles. After all, you deserve some time to unwind for all of your hard work.

Time to Party!

Last week Move It Monday became an opportunity for bloggers like you to share a link in the Thoughts section below of fitness-related posts. You can check out the rules here.

Featured Blogger

The Bikini Bookworm

She has very creative workouts that can be done while reading some great books. She also offers the chance for some Fitness Networking.

Check out this excerpt for her Paper Towns Workout:

“Whenever Quentin is late for something do high knees for 30 seconds

Every time Resurrection is mentioned do 5 burpees”

For the whole workout and more like these visit

You can be featured, too, and all you have to do is join the link party! To learn more about it click here.

How do you weight train? We would all love to know 😉

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  1. Nena!
    This one is really good for people to reduce and maintain body structure.
    Here I feel one should not overdo it.
    What happens as one grows older the joints and other part of the body start complaining.
    Cause they get worn out.
    So! caution should be taken on that aspect.
    I felt the absence of your presence on my blog.
    Please go read one poem I have written lately, “Distant Heart” it is on top of my home page right now.

    • Shiva, you are absolutely right! We do have to take it easy and not wear ourselves out:) I have missed visiting and I will go and check out your posts soon; it is always my pleasure to:)

  2. Bonjour
    Super le sport cela est bon à la santé

    Mais que fais-je par ici
    Me serais-je perdu
    Mais non ça y est je me rappelle
    Je venais te dire bonsoir
    Te souhaiter une belle journée
    Après une petite halte chez toi
    Je vais continuer mon trajet
    Je te fais une bise d’amitié

    • Bernard, so great to “see” you again:) Thank you for your visit and may you have a wonderful rest of your day as well! Je te fais une bise d’amitie aussie 🙂

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