DIY Music Sheet Christmas Tree

DYI Music Sheet Christmas Tree

We had a Rockin’ Christmas party and as part of the décor I decided to make a fun DIY to go with the theme.

Naturally, I gravitated towards The Dollar Tree to purchase everything I would need:

White poster board

Glitter Glue in assorted colors (I used green, silver, and red)

A star to top the tree

christmas Tree Star topper DIY music note tree younfolded blog


Christmas Snowflakes DIY music note tree younfolded blog

The extra things I used that I had at home were:

Sharpies (I used silver, black, red, and green)

Sharpie Markers DIY music note tree

Pencil with eraser

Box cutter


Double-sided tape

Mounting putty

First, I cut the white poster board with the box cutter in four rectangular pieces descending in size.

DIY Christmas Tree music note younfolded blog


Then, I used the pencil to draw five evenly spaced lines across the rectangular pieces of poster board leaving some additional space on the top and bottom.

DIY Christmas Music Tree younfolded blog

Next, I drew a treble clef on the left of each piece and randomly drew music notes across.

DIY music note tree Christmas younfolded blog

Once the drawing was finished I traced the treble clef with a green sharpie, alternated the music notes in red and black, and then traced the lines with a silver sharpie.

DIY Music Note Tree christmas younfolded blogI then used the glitter glue to trace over everything in its respective colors; green glue over green sharpie, red over red, etc.

glitter glue DIY music christmas tree younfolded blog

On an empty wall, I placed the star with a thumbtack and then mounted each of the poster board pieces in a triangular shape (resembling a Christmas tree) with the mounting putty.

christmas Tree Star topper DIY music note younfolded blog

For the finishing touch I placed the snowflakes randomly on each of the poster board pieces with double-sided tape.

DIY Music Note Tree snowflakes younfolded blog christmas

DIY Music Note Tree christmas younfolded blog
The finished look

Seeing the music tree on the wall every day brought a fun feel to the house and made us even more excited to rock it out!

Many of you have way better artistic abilities and I would love to see what you create for Christmas this year if this little DIY inspired you 😉

Much Love,


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