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Pinterest has been one of the best inventions yet (in my opinion)! For those of you who are not familiar, Pinterest is a website that works as a virtual pin board for things you have seen online that you would like to keep organized in one place.

Works much like saving Favorites or Bookmarks on your browser where you can organize into various categories if you like, but it is all in one website for you. The boards you create can be either public or secret and you can invite others to pin ideas on your board as well.

One of the best features Pinterest has is that you can search under various categories or you may type in what you are looking for and find a plethora of things related to that topic.

I use Pinterest for many things, including recipes, party ideas, and hairstyles, but one of my favorites is searching for home workouts!

Throughout many of my Move It Monday posts you may have seen some Pinterest workouts already and the reason why I turn to them is because I want to be able to exercise and watch TV at the same time 😛

I get to watch a great show or movie with my hubby and get my exercise in for the day!

Today I would like to share some of my favorite Pinterest workouts with you to get us moving off the couch.


Day 1

I love this great cardio workout that is short and can be done anywhere:

One Room Cardio 20 minute Pinterest workout


Day 2

To work up a sweat and build strong, lean arms try this short exercise:

30 minute cardio Upper Body dumbbell Workout Pinterest


Day 3

When you are pressed for time and still want to work it try this:

5 Minutes to Leaner Legs Pinterest workout exercise


Day 4

For more advanced cardio, this workout lives up to its name:

Killer cardio workout Pinterest exercise


Day 5

If you are looking for an ab burn, then this workout will be a treat:

300 abs workout Pinterest exercise


Day 6

End your workout week however you like with any one of these workouts:

Tone In Twenty Pinterest workout


I tend to be able to get more workouts in the week if I schedule it in during my TV watching time with my hubby 😉

*As always, remember to warm up before and cool down after your exercises and try to incorporate at least one stretch routine in your week.

Now it is your turn to share! Join the Move It Monday link party by sharing your posts in the Thoughts section below. Click here for more details on the party and you may be the next featured blogger!

Featured Blogger


Paul, the man behind the blog, is a certified personal trainer and coach with over 25 years of experience. He has a wealth of information on how to stay fit and he is also an amazingly supportive bluddy you would want by your side to keep you motivated no matter what!

Paul also started a 30 Day Exercise Challenge that is worth checking out if you would like to take your training up a notch. Click here for Day 1 of the challenge.

What are some ways you squeeze in your exercise with another task?

Much Love,



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25 Comments on Move It Monday | Pinterest

  1. I barely use it myself and did not before a gig a month ago required a Pinterest account. I have added boards but I do not really get it? For me I can easily get videos, gifs, articles and such and this adds another account to be into. I saw your workout when you posted it. Like I said, I do not really get the actual use for Pinterest. You can Pin things and put them on boards, fill them up and I guess they are all available to anyone that finds them and I guess that you can send them a link like you did? I did not know if there is more as I am brainfried…LOL

    • lol It can be an overwhelming world over at Pinterest:p I like to use it in place of Bookmarks on my browser. What I think is neat is when you are able to share a board with someone else (they can also pin to it) when you are planning something like a party or brainstorming ideas for something. You are both able to have access to all the ideas in one place. Interesting that a gig of yours required it.

  2. Pintrest is my happy place. I have deliberately set it up to only be things that are uplifting. Its one of the few places on the internet where you can pretty effectively do that.

    I have boards for Joy and Friends and Adorable and Fashion and Bravery and…. – Basically I want to avoid all the horrors that show up uninvited into the rest of my internet life on Tumblr, Twitter and WordPress. I got there to escape to Pleasantville.

    • Pinterest can be a great resource, but it can also quickly become an addiction so tread carefully;) Thankfully you can still use the workouts without an official Pinterest account so be my guest!

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