Tea Time and February Challenge

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I feel like I let you down. I had plans to share many things with all of you and have not done so. I have planned and prepped to release many posts, but just got caught up in trying to have a particular pattern that I have let it all get backed up.

Now that we finally get to catch up over some tea I can sit down and chat with my bluddies.

The month of January was for renewing and taking a few minutes each day for some ME time. I made sure to engage in an activity I enjoyed and to help me unwind. Setting some time aside for myself reminded me that I am valuable.

I am used to spending a lot of my time making sure others know their worth, not only to me, but how truly special and unique they are as a whole. It is part of who I am so that is not going to change. However, through my challenge of renewing and “doing me” I learned that giving so much of myself can be draining and I need to know when it is time to take a break.

I am feeling much more energized these days and I have been able to get back to a few of the things I love and have left behind for too long.

I started Bible journaling. I used to have daily devotionals and I would journal every day, but as time became more constrained I stopped writing, and reduced some of the reading to be honest, and just maintained prayer.

Prayer is powerful and experience is a great teacher, but I believe there are tons of amazing life lessons in scripture and getting back to reading the Bible daily refills my drained and empty cup and refuels me to take on the day.

I recently discovered Bible art journaling and hand lettering so I experimented a bit with it.

Engaging in art and writing has been very therapeutic and I will be adding it in regularly.

I am dancing again! I started taking a lyrical/jazz dance class with my dear friend, Annie, once a week and it has been a lot of fun! We feel like a pair of Golden Girls (yes I mean the show LOL) because the class is ages 10 and up and most do not appear to be over the age of 12! But dancing has always been one of my passions and I am excited every time dance class comes around 🙂

Date nights are back! My husband and I took a trip on our own in the beginning of the year to celebrate 8 years together! We had an amazing time and we decided to keep one day out of the week just for us (no plans with anyone else; sorry my loved ones) to keep our relationship strong and be reminded that we can find rest and refuge in each other.

Marriage is work and it can be hard to adjust to each other’s quirks, but instead of feeling like we want a break from each other, we want US to be the first place we turn to when we need a shoulder to lean on.

Husband and wife on a date night
One of our nights out

As we our finishing up with our cup of tea, I would like to share what my challenge for February is…

Just Share It

Yes, just like Nike’s slogan to Just Do It, I plan to go ahead and just share everything that has gotten backed up for way too long.

I will start with all the recipes and just work from there. The format for my recipes will change just so I can get them all out there to you.

I have also seen many great movies so there will be a few more Flick Picks and I will be sharing TV shows that I watched from start to finish.

I started to get back to reading so I can have a few more Book Nooks out for you.

There are also more theme parties to come, places I visited (I am finally going to share my Colombia trip!!), DIYs, and I am working on setting up a day to start my hairstyle tutorials and get some out on the blog, too.

There have been several award nominations, challenges, and tags I have yet to get to. For those of you who have nominated me, I am utterly grateful that you thought of me 🙂 If I have already received a nomination for the same award before I am not going to do a whole post on it, but I will be sending out a huge THANK YOU to my nominators because it really means a lot to me.

Lastly, Move It Mondays and Pay It Forward Fridays are here to stay and I have opened up opportunities for all of you to share your own posts on each of the series.

For Move It Monday, check out the updated rules here.

For Pay It Forward Friday, I will be using #PIF instead of #PIFF from now on because of the different meaning #PIFF has in Instragram.

I am looking forward to sharing more and spending more time reading your posts as well!

“Life is not about making others happy. Life is about sharing your happiness with others.”


Much Love,




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77 Comments on Tea Time and February Challenge

  1. studying scriptures is cool, it can get you to a proper place in your life, but at some point, you have to simply incorporate that stuff into your life and BE the scriptures…perhaps you have done that?

  2. Nena is so great the way you talk about your marriage! You make it sound so light and lovely, yes, even the hard work which surely puts other people off! You will always find your way in life baby girl xxx

    • So nice to “meet” you! Verse mapping is new to me. Would love to know more about that. The Solidarity Challenge sounds intriguing. Where can I find out more about it?

      • Hi Nena, I am still new to the blogging world and see I didn’t respond to your question. I was introduced to verse mapping at one of my online bible studies. It’s a means of understanding the verse with more clarity. You take the verse and break it down into smaller blocks of understanding. Perhaps, a word needs more definition, the verse needs more understanding of the times, who is speaking and what is being spoken about. For example: the word – faith- if this is in the verse. I usually go to the index and find other verses which are written about faith. I read several of them until I finally got a bigger and better understanding of the word – faith -. For me by taking it to this level, I am able to get a better understanding of the verse I am reading about and how this relates to the world in which I live in. By breaking verses into small blocks of information, I can usually get the bigger meaning. I hope this is of some hope to you and your journey of studying the bible. 🙂

        • Thank you so much for your response! And no worries on the timing. I completely understand for I am often on the same boat.
          I know exactly what you are talking about with Bible mapping I just never knew the term lol. I own a concordance and I also like to look up the origin of words and what they mean in its original language because some meaning can be lost in translation. I have not done this in a very long time and I thank you for mentioning it because it serves as a gentle nudge for me to get back to it:)

    • I just remembered what the Solidarity Challenge was! I will be supporting you and all the other wonderful bloggers in the challenge as well! That is why I should write down these things lol

  3. Hi Nena, I am so glad when I see people with a lot of life energy, who can express themselves and bring joy for other ones. Stay positive and I wish you a lot of beautiful inspirations for you bolg. Blessings!

  4. My goodness! We are two peas in a pod. I started Bible Journaling and making date nights a priority and have been looking to start dancing again this year! Keep up the incredible, fun, habit! You’re an inspiration.

  5. awesome that you are dancing again. Wish I could get back to the dancing scene again. I also found that journaling very therapeutic. Never done it in my life except when I was in high school english class and writing wasn’t my favorite subject. Congrats to you and your husband on 8 years of being together.

  6. Creating a standard of sorts and then your “Just Share It” moment – I get it! Will keep an eye out for your Movies & Books recommendations as well, I’ve been binge-ing on movies and just finished an awesome “chick-flip” meets fashion book as well! Date nights too!

    To a blasting 2016 ahead Nena!

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