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I was out of town over the weekend so this post is a bit late, but any day is good to get moving!

The weather has continued to be quite unpredictable which has interfered with my desire to go for a run outside. Last week I did indoor walking exercises and noticed how simple it can be to incorporate walking without a treadmill or having to go outside.

Jogging seemed harder to try to do indoors, but I was able to find some amazing exercises that were very comparable to going out for a run.

Day 1

Here we have Jessica Smith once again and she put together a great indoor jogging exercise in a HIIT format to help burn more calories.

The workout includes a warm-up and cool down and it can be adjusted based on your fitness level. I worked up a great sweat with this one!

Day 2

Pahla Bowers from Pahla B Fitness created this awesome indoor running exercise:


This workout is an endurance exercise where you sustain a steady heart rate throughout the entire time. There are body weight exercises in between the jogging, but this is not like HIIT training so it is perfect for beginners or if you are not a fan of feeling very out of breath with your workouts.

A short warm up and cool down is included. I would suggest putting on some of your favorite workout music to go along with this video as well.

Day 3

Millionaire Hoy describes himself as “Father/Husband/Trainer/Madman” on his YouTube channel and I would not disagree with the last one LOL.

He has an incredible amount of energy and he has an intense indoor running exercise that can kick up a workout routine about 5 notches!

A warm up and cool down is included and thankfully he provides alternative movements if you need to lower down the intensity.

The Move It Monday Party is still happening and is now listed as weekly event on The Daily Post! Check it out here.

Feel free to leave a link to your fitness–related posts so we could all stay inspired to move it!

Featured Blogger

Ask Deniza

Deniza is all about health and fitness and she often provides really amazing workouts! One of the things that I admire about Deniza is that she backs up all her nutrition and fitness information with science.

She has a 4 week challenge starting Monday, February 22nd that you do not want to miss! If you would like to gain muscle and not fat then I suggest you click here to receive Deniza’s fitness and nutrition plan on how to do so.

How have you kept it moving this week? Hope you are making it fun!

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40 Comments on Move It Monday | Indoor Jogging

  1. I have to admit, I’ve been getting in a bit more exercise thanks to your encouragement! I’ve also joined weight watchers to help me lose a few pounds (although the recent fast I did helped me shave off a few much needed pounds). Appreciate your positivity and contagious attitude towards fitness (which also happens to be the word of the month with my kids karate school)

    • Alright, Tasha!! You go!! Hearing your progress motivates me, too:) How great that you joined a support group because it’s more challenging to go through weight loss on our own. And I’m ecstatic to hear that your kids are receiving the same message so that the entire family can move towards health☺️

    • I’ll check out Brandon Carter. It is the first time I hear of him and I like discovering new fitness peeps:) Thanks! Millionaire Hoy has tons of videos, too, so hope you like them?


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