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Drive Change Snowday Food Truck
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Did you know that there are two states in our nation that arrests and prosecutes youth under 18 years old as adults?

North Carolina and New York hold those as young as 16 years old criminally responsible like an adult. Although there should be consequences for wrongdoing, placing youth in adult prisons is detrimental to their well-being and can destroy their future instead of mold them for improvement.

When we are young and often times naïve we make bad decisions, but are thankful when we can learn from past mistakes and grow to be stronger and wiser.

Young people who are treated as adults in the criminal justice system face harsh conditions in adult jails. Upon release, they confront hurdles to employment and education. This system makes it very hard for young people leaving adult jail and prison to build sustainable futures.

Drive Change works towards providing a brighter tomorrow for young people coming out of prison and they do so with a food truck.



Snowday Food Truck Drive Change
Find out more about the Snowday food truck here

Jordyn Lexton, a former English teacher inside a jail complex, founded the non-profit organization Drive Change in New York to provide transitional employment to formerly incarcerated youth.

Watch this video for more details:

Drive Change has a 6-8 month fellowship program with the goal to provide employment and/or academic opportunities to those who have completed the program.

Drive Change Fellowship Phases

To everyone that makes Drive Change happen,

You are empowering and inspiring!

Thank you for recognizing and uplifting our young people that are often dismissed from society.

For those of you who would like to contribute to Drive Change so that they may continue their incredible work here is how you can do so (click on the image for more details):

What Can You Do? Drive Change donate support fundraise

“We can not always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

Much Love,


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24 Comments on Pay It Forward | Drive Change

  1. That quote you included at the beginning, says it all. It’s damaging to put a growing young mind in the same facility as hardcore adults. The drive change is doing such an amazing job! Thanks for sharing Nena.

    • Thanks, Ameena:) It truly warms my soul to see companies like Drive Change see an area in need and work to do something about it. It is such a wonderful idea and many times young people just need someone to believe in them:)

  2. This is a wonderful opportunity for these young people to turn their life around, we all make mistakes, but this iniciative of the food trucks is so positive for them. Look forward to reading more posts thank you

  3. If you haven’t seen the documentary on Netflex called The Central Park 5 you really ought to check it out. Although all 5 teens were wrongly accused of rape and attempted murder…one boy stood out to me and his name is Cory. He was sent to Rikers for a crime he didnt commit. Imagine being 16 and getting sent there? What was even more amazing is that he did not hold a grudge against the victim who wrongly
    identified him as one of her attackers.

    • Sounds like a great documentary with a strong message. I admire those that have compassion and forgiveness in their hearts because when we are hurt or wronged it is hard to have those qualities. I am adding it on my list to watch. Thanks, Tasha!!

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