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My husband got us a new toy to motivate him to get back into exercise. I have mentioned before that I workout a lot in front of the TV because that is how my husband and I spend some time together at the end of the day.

I use mostly Pinterest workouts because watching a YouTube video and a TV show doesn’t always pan out well 😛

Now with our new stationary bike my husband bought from our favorite place (Amazon, of course) we can get in some exercise during the length of one of our favorite shows (about 25-60 minutes).

Sunny health and fitness indoor cycle trainer
We got the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer. Click on image for more details if interested.

Cycling is known to be an amazing cardio workout that is low impact, which is less strain on the joints and decreases the chance of injury. In fact, it helps with flexibility and in turn improves joint mobility, posture, and coordination, and strengthens bones.

Another wonderful thing about cycling is that it is a full body workout and engages all your muscles. Your core is tight to maintain your balance, your arms are also engaged to sustain your posture, and, obviously, your legs are constantly moving.

The added muscle engagement revs up the metabolism for a higher calorie burn!

Let’s get moving with some indoor cycling workouts! But first, check out this safety video:

Day 1

This week I took part of yet another free exercise challenge from the wonderful Gina from Popcorn and Pandas and it comprised of various sets of the following exercises:

So I did my sets for the challenge and I added 20 minutes of cycling at the end while watching TV. I kept it at the same pace the entire time and I did it standing up instead of sitting simply because the seat was not comfortable for me. But it can be done sitting as well 😉

Day 2

Prior to doing Gina’s challenge, I did an arm workout from Tone It Up I found on Pinterest:

Bikini arms tone it up workout on Pinterest
Click on Image to get full workout

The planks on Gina’s challenge were much harder to do after working out my arms, but it felt good to jump the hurdle at the end!

Day 3

Leave it to Fitness Blender to also have an indoor cycling workout video:

The video has a warm-up and cool-down portion and I did Gina’s exercises afterward with another stretch to follow.

Day 4

I started with Gina’s workout and then decided to do a short HIIT cycling workout.

The Global Cycling Network has tons of workouts and tips revolved around cycling, particularly indoor cycling. The following is the video I did:


I particularly liked how they use outdoor scenery to entertain and give you a sense of exploring the world from inside your own home.

My husband and I will be using their videos more often.

Day 5

The final day of Gina’s challenge and I wanted to end with a bang! I decided to do my own version of a HIIT workout so what I did was the following:

5-minute warm-up on the stationary bike

1-minute fast-paced cycling in between each ab exercise from Gina’s challenge

5-minute cool down with the stationary bike

10 minutes of a variation of full-body stretches. Click here for some stretch videos.

Total workout was about 30 minutes and I did all this while watching a TV show with my bro and Amber (close friend and my bro’s girlfriend).

Just sharing the cycling workouts has me pumped to get the Move It Monday party started! Here is how you can join the fun:

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Each Monday I will feature a blogger and/or post to help keep us moving!

Featured Blogger

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Joanne is new to blogging and she has an amazing philosophy:

My philosophy in life is to find time to do the things that make me happy. Time is a gift and I strive to make effective use of it. I believe in always seeking knowledge, always having goals and aiming to better myself.

In her post,

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Joanne shares her workout routine and how she stays motivated, plus some insight into what she eats to maintain health. Show her some love and support by checking out her blog here.

Have you tried indoor cycling? We would all like to hear any additional tips you may have!

Much Love,


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19 Comments on Move It Monday | Indoor Cycling

  1. The indoor cycle trainer is an excellent way for the work out . You can adjust the effort and increase progressively along the days . But it is important to be progressive .
    Congrats to you both
    Love <3

  2. Great post Nena. I’ve been doing indoor cycling for many years now and try to do it outdoors in the warmer months. I’ve always done high impact cycling but I recently got another tear in my left knee so I now have to keep it low impact. I find it to be the quickest way to get my heart rate up and I feel so good after. I do it for about 30-45 minutes and then add a cool down stretch afterwards. Xoxo

    • Part of why you look so amazing, Gail! It is a quick and easy way to exercise without having to devote too much time out of your day for it:) Thanks for your awesome input!


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