Catching Up

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March is here and so much for “just share it” in the month of February. The time slipped by me and now February is behind us.

I am sitting on my couch, laptop on my lap, actually drinking coffee (no cream/milk or sugar; that is big for me!) freshly brewed from our Keurig and feeling like I need to get it together.

After I decided I was going to share many of the posts that have been backed up, I quickly realized why they became so “backed up” in the first place.

When I started the blog, I was taking most of the pictures myself and my husband was helping with the shots I couldn’t take; like the back of head LOL

Because I am no expert with a camera, I would take FOREVER to get a shot I was happy with which reduced my time to write and I began to feel very overwhelmed. My husband decided to take full control of the pictures at this point so he can upload them and have them ready for me to use when I would write my post.

The idea of him taking over was wonderful, however he takes pictures of many other things so as he started uploading them on his computer they became extremely unsorted. To find a particular picture I was searching through literally thousands of photos!

Finally, last night we both sat down and sorted out the pictures together and placed them in folders to make it easier to find. Instead of creating a new goal for this month, I will get up and try to “just share it” again.

What kept us busy in February…

Valentine’s Weekend Getaway – My husband and I stayed at a bed and breakfast in St. Petersburg, FL for Valentine’s day weekend to relax and had no particular plans except to unwind.

I sound like “The Woman who cried Colombia” (LOL), but I will be working on putting together posts of all of our travels.

Valentine’s Party – We hosted a prom themed Valentine’s party at our house for our close friends and had an amazing time! Here is a sneak peak, but I plan to dedicate a post to it soon:

valentine's party prom heart background photography
Me and Hubby

Car Trouble – The strangest thing happened! When we came back from our St. Petersburg trip my car wouldn’t start; that is not the strange part. The weird thing was that my hood would not open!

We figured all the car needed was a jump-start, but the hood was clamped shut and was not opening. We called roadside service and they were unable to open it and even wanted to tow the car away!

After calling several mechanics, only one said he would charge $80 just to see IF he can open it; no guarantee that he could. All the others suggested we tow it to the dealership, which translated to even more money simply to open the hood and jump-start the car.

My hubby took matters into his own hands and he is THE MAN! Many grueling hours of taking off the entire grill of the car and lifting the car so he can get underneath to reach the latch to open the hood and he did it!! Hood was opened, car was jump-started, and no more car trouble 😉

I am very easy-going and laid back so when things do not go as planned I am flexible and adapt. However, I do feel out of sorts when I don’t get to do things I had planned to do for others. But I won’t give up and will be dedicating more time to getting more things out to you!

Looking forward to a wonderful month!

How do you stay on track with your blog and plans in general? Any and all tips are welcome!

Much Love,


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43 Comments on Catching Up

  1. You are a beautiful couple, Nena! It definitely is strange that you couldn’t get your hood open. Thankfully it didn’t happen while it was just you otherwise you probably wouldn’t have had any other choice but to pay the extra money. $80 is a lot of money for no guarantee. Thanks, but no thanks!

    • Aww, thanks, Tasha:) And yes, I am very thankful that I was not on my own with the strange car hood situation. Exactly, no guarantee…no thanks!

  2. Nena! You two look so striking!!! ♥ *googly eyes*
    I’m glad you got a chance to get organized–I definitely know how that can be. I’m in that process now. Frank and I are following suit this weekend *fingers crossed I’ll have tips next week.
    In other news! kudos to Mr. Hunny for being *clearly* the only true mechanic on the scene lolz, smh $80 for a maybe. Nevertheless, March is and will indeed be a wonderful month — I claim it for us all.

    • Oh thank you, Egypt:) Coming from a gorgeous woman like yourself it means a lot;)
      You two have tons on your plate, too, but it’s awesome when you can work together to make things happen and get things done! Looking forward to your tips;)
      We were also *shaking our heads* to the $80 and how crazy is it that my hubby is not a mechanic and he made it happen. Anyway, here’s to an incredible month indeed!!

  3. Nena,
    Love the photos. Your hubby sounds wonderful. Danny has shown Zero interest in mine.
    So I am totally on my own.
    As you know , our Internet makes it hard to do as much.
    I am glad, at times because I was forced to slow down.
    Now I post, when I can and TRY not to worry that all the Tags etc aren’t always done and I may get behind on posting my FEATURE PICS. That bothers me when I go to my home page and my posts don’t have a photo.
    I TRY not to stress.
    I am so glad you had such a good February. B & B’s are wonderful.
    Love you. Sarah

    • Sarah, you put your heart into your content and that matters more than pictures and tags.
      Maybe David views your blog as your own personal hobby and gives you your space for that:) My husband was behind the idea of me starting a blog for many years so because of that he supports me in any way he can to help me keep up with it. Otherwise, I probably would have been more on my own with it, too.
      A slow internet can be very frustrating, but you are doing what you are able and we admire your dedication and fervor?

  4. Hey Nena, I can relate to how you’re feeling, lately I feel like I’m playing catch up with everything. Trying to focus on one thing at a time and not get too overwhelmed with things. Luckily you have a wonderful man by your side who can use a camera! Hope you have a great month ahead. Warmest wishes to you.

    • You have the right idea, Miriam:) Taking it one thing at a time is how we stay sane. I am truly blessed to have a photographer for a husband? I am slowly learning to not try to do it all myself especially if I have someone by my side who is more than willing to share the load.

  5. I feel like the energy is so intense right now that it’s very easy to go off track with blogging! March is bringing Big Energy with it so I’d say Nena pace yourself and do what you can….literally! Your readers will appreciate it because it’ll come from the heart! I’m taking a break from marketing my coaching business because it was getting overwhelming and I started to resent having to blog! So ’till the last eclipse of march I’ll be journaling and then blogging….it’s too insane out there and we need to priorities right now..when we do that, we are calmer within and our readers enjoy what we share!
    Grace to you my lovely xxx

    • You are right, Antonia! Thank you for reminding me to pace myself:) I am happy to hear you listened to your instincts and are also giving yourself some time to get things sorted:)

  6. I love Bed and Breakfast places!! My husband and I frequent them often! Well on special occasions that is! Anxious to read more posts by you! I keep saying how I will post every day, but still hasn’t happened. I get close tho at least 🙂

    • This was our first time at a B&B and it will not be our last ? I haven’t dared to say I’ll post daily because I know I’ll have trouble. I think you’re doing great!! I love your posts and they bring such joy? Thank you for the boost you give with all your comments!

  7. You’re so lucky to have a husband that will take pictures for you. I do all photography on my own, or have to bribe my little siblings to take pictures of me.
    As for staying on track with my blog…One thing that helps motivate me to post, especially when I have a queue full of half-finished work, is to spend an hour or so reading my favorite blogs. Reading leads to inspiration which makes me want to write! Also, keeping a schedule of when you want to post is super helpful. It doesn’t always go perfectly because sometimes life doesn’t cooperate, but knowing when you want to have new content uploaded provides some structure. 🙂

    • Yes, I am so grateful that my husband is always so supportive and if he could help me with absolutely everything in life he would:) A schedule is a great idea and most likely what I need to have;) Thank you so much for your tips and you are doing an amazing job with your blog!

  8. I don’t have internet or television, at my place, so my personal blog is done only on the weekends. I work up my topics by writing during the week. Then I spend time on the weekends to post. I find I stop writing if I get up to four topics which have not been posted. This way I don’t feel overwhelmed. During my work breaks and lunch (when internet is available), I try and comment and read other blogs. This seems to be a working balance for me.

    • I like your framework:) Currently, I am trying to stay-up-to-date with comments during my work breaks, too. Weekends are always busy for me so I have to make sure to set some time during the week to write. I’m thinking early morning before work is best. I’ve tried after work and I am just too tired to think.

  9. I always try and keep a few days of Posts “in the bank” just in case other aspects of life interfere! I also purchased (a few years ago) a really nice “point and shoot” camera. It made pics so much easier because I did not have to fiddle with settings and, of course being digital, I could just run off a dozen pics and be confident that 1 or 2 will be good. Pretty much all the pics in my Blog’s life were taken with that camera. As for your car? I love Toyotas because they have literally never given me a problem. 🙂

    • My husband has told me the same about having a “bank” of posts so I do need to work on that;) You just encouraged me to go back to my point and shoot camera. I can still learn to use the other ones in the process, but at least I won’t end up letting posts get backed up just for a photo or two. A Toyota may be in my future then:p LOL I currently own a 2004 Honda Civic with no power locks or windows so I get some old school arm action when I want to open a window:p

  10. Sometimes we just need a little breather to clear our heads and revise/update any of the upcoming posts. I wasn’t able to post everyday due to my job so I post as much as I can when. And the other days visit blogs. Thanks for sharing!

    • You are absolutely right! If we can’t post as much as we would like, we should be okay with posting what we are able:) I do enjoy taking time to visit blogs as well. Keeps us in the loop and connected;)


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