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Happy International Women’s Day!!

I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Award from Inspiring Max and it is a tremendous honor to represent love, encouragement, and empowerment for women all over the globe!

Thank you, Inspiring Max, for the award nomination! You epitomize sisterhood through your uplifting words and truly inspiring stories.



The Rules:

  • Put the Award logo on your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you, linking back to their site
  • Answer 10 questions the person asked you
  • Nominate 10 blogs and notify them
  • Write 10 new questions for them

Inspiring Max’s Interesting Questions:

1. Your favorite Disney character is…

Growing up it was Belle from Beauty and the Beast because I identified with her character. She loved reading books and valued more than the superficial despite society labeling her as “odd”. She had compassion towards others and would give up her life for her loved ones. Yet, she also sought adventure and yearned to explore the world.

What I loved most about Belle is that she resembled what true love really is by seeing past the physical and looking at the Beast’s heart. In the end, she ended up with a rich, handsome prince and a library only most can dream of!

2. What is the vegetable you hated as a child?

Peas. At least the ones they served in school. I now like them and split pea soup is yummy 😛

3. Did you get a pen or ink license at school?

No. I honestly do not know what that is LOL

4. Do you drive on the left or right side of the road?

Right side

5. What is your favorite joke?

I have a good sense of humor and it is easy to make me laugh. I don’t have a favorite joke, but this cheesy pick up line is the first one that came to mind:

“Did you fart? Because you just blew me away!”

6. Do you read fiction or non-fiction?

I like to read mostly fiction, but I do like non-fiction biographies, self-help books, devotionals…I just love reading!

7. Who is your favorite author?

I can’t choose just one because I like to read all types of books and styles. An author that I do want to read more of is Mitch Albom.

8. What is your favorite sport?

I don’t watch sports at all. I rather play them and one of my fave things to do is shoot hoops. Although I am horrible at dribbling LOL

9. If you could give $1000 dollars to a charity which one would you choose?

There are so many and I think that just about any charity that is doing wonderful things for their community would benefit from $1000. However, I think if I had $1000 to spare I would start by giving it to my loved ones that are in need. Giving starts at arm’s reach.

10. Name one of your strengths?

Self-driven. If there is a goal I want to achieve, I take steps to reach it with little or no support. Thankfully, I do have support from the most important people in my life because taking the journey with great company is the cherry on top!

Nominees (Fellow Sisters):

Egypt from LoveTrips

Tasha from Hit Below the Belt…Hard

Elisabeth from Everything and Nothin’

Lynz from Lynz Real Cooking

Amber from What Makes Me Amber

FreeByrd from Be Free 2 Love

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My Questions for My Sisters:

1) This year’s International Women’s Day theme is Pledge for Parity. What does that mean to you?

2) What empowers you?

3) Name something you would like to be better at

4) Have you ever made the first move?

5) What is something you would like more people to know about you?

6) Where do you go for some time for yourself?

7) How do you give yourself some much needed pampering?

8) Have you mastered the art of walking in heels?

9) Name a female blogger that inspires you

10) A piece of advice for fellow women…


Much Love to All My Sisters (and Brothers who value them),








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  1. Wow, I’m so honored! And by the way Nena, your sense of humor rocks!! This is a time when the feminine energy is raising back up from centuries of oppression and seeing so many women getting together to celebrate this new phase in human evolution is such a blessing. Now more than ever is so very important to listen to the stories women are brought to share by their hearts and to support the ones who are yet to connect to their Divine Intelligence within and all around them. The “way showers” will have to be strong and graceful in paving the path for the ones who are yet to find their voice! Blessings to you all and let me wish each one of us the ability and courage to walk away from hurt with grace and dignity, because that’s what the world needs the most right now! Bliss & Grace from My heart to Yours xxx

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