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Nena with Doggies on Couch
Me and my girls

The past week has been quite a whirlwind! I only worked out one day all of last week because my schedule completely changed and I was mentally and physically exhausted from the shift from my regular routine.

I did heed to my body’s needs and decided it was best to rest and get proper sleep instead of replete myself of energy just to fit in a workout. Don’t get me wrong! I encourage movement when feasible, but giving your body the recharge through adequate rest is part of what keeps us moving in the first place.

Studies have shown that rest periods between training/exercise sessions help improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of muscle fatigue and injury.

Sleep is also essential to our overall health and it directly affects how we function when we are awake.

“…Ongoing sleep deficiency can raise your risk for some chronic health problems [such as heart disease, kidney disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke]. It also can affect how well you think, react, work, learn, and get along with others.”

Plus, sleep deprivation also increases the risk of obesity, which is counterproductive to exercising for weight management.

For all the above reasons, I prioritize sleep and rest above moving and working out.

There are times where we need to just stop completely and get bed rest, especially if we are ill, but we can also adjust and fit in movement according to the time we have available.

You can try some short exercises like the ones I provided in the Move It Monday | Squeeze It In post and Move It Monday | Fast and Furious post.

The following is the exercise I was able to get in this past week:

Stationary Bike Breakdown

5 minutes warm up (steady, comfortable pace)

5 minutes standing up with booty off the seat (increased resistance and speed)

5 minutes in cycling in reverse with booty still off the seat (maintained increased resistance and speed)

5 minutes cool down (steady, comfortable pace)

Total of 20 minutes

I also included arm exercises with weights that I am doing with my coworkers and will talk about later 😉

If you would like to read more about the importance of sleep, check out the following article:

Why is Sleep Important?

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The Eat.Move.Live Blog

Elyse is the author behind the blog and she is a fellow registered dietitian who values health and is passionate about the power of food to heal. She also provides great tips for our overall wellbeing like she did in the following post:

10 Tips for Light Sleepers

Be sure to check her blog out and send her a congratulations for Registered Dietitian Day which was on March 9th!

Do you prioritize sleep? How do you balance between rest and working out?

Much Love,


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33 Comments on Move It Monday | Rest

  1. Such an informative and thoughtful post! Thank you for writing is Nena. It’s so easy for me to push myself too much and not rest then I injure myself working out or feel exhausted and never want to do it again. We deserve rest and to not feel guilty for doing it!

  2. Well informative post! I truly treasure my sleep although I admit I’ll love to sleep more if I can! I try to catch sleep in between afternoons in order to get the addition boost of energy.

  3. Very well articulated post……’Sleep is the best meditation.’
    I agree to u on this so much that I feel sleepy myself now 🙂

    • Yes, the site is under some maintenance as I move to a self-hosted site. I am working on adding the ease of leaving comments and likes as usual;) Thank you, Shiva, and yes, sleep is essential!!

  4. Nena it’s such an amazing thing you have been able to listen to the intelligence within yourself urging you to stop and rest. I find that for people like us supporting others, that is imperative! But it’s not always easy to do, I’m in fact struggling with this myself! I decided to have a break from all the marketing I was doing for my coaching business and I really had to fight with myself not to take yet another webinar or course….it’s almost like I could hear my body telling me to just drop everrything and read a good book…Trust things will get done and our readers and clients will be supported! Give yourself & your soul loads of TLC xxx

    • TLC is the perfect way to describe it! Most health professionals do spend a lot of time on others and also telling others about the importance of slowing things down once in a while, but don’t get to do it themselves. We do have to practice what we preach and be sure to take care of ourselves?

  5. You’re absolutely right. Sleep and proper rest is essential for good health. Listening to one’s body is as important as exercising. I wish I was as smart as you at your age. I would have avoided many unnecessary injuries.
    Love the picture of you and the pups. These guys know how to create true serenity and calmness. We can learn much from their behavior.
    Enjoy your Wednesday. 🙂

    • I also learned the hard way about the importance of sleep and rest, but we can now share our experiences in hopes that we can save others the trouble?
      Dogs are awesome creatures and we definitely could learn so much from them. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face? Have a wonderful Wednesday as well!

  6. Sleep is definitely important and something I haven’t been getting enough of. Exercise it too and today I had my zumba fix which was awesome. A good balance of walking and sleep works for me, mostly.

  7. Sleep is important, but for me at the moment I go to sleep late just because I have nothing of importance to do the next day. Yeah I know that bad. I do take nap in the day and it another way of resting my body and mind. When it come to balancing rest and workout, rest for me can be taking the day off from working out, but also do something else like cutting the grass, working in the garden or taking a walk. Rest for me can be just doing a light work out, maybe walking on the trending and just lifting weights, nothing heavy just enough to feel a little burn.

    • Perfect example of how we each find our individual balance! And you’re right on the money about rest days? At times it may mean full bed rest and others it means just moving in a different way or keeping it light. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sleep is unquestionably very important, but rest is a bit of a moving target. If you are under 40 and have a good height/weight ratio, then a workout 6 days out of 7 should be fine. Over 40 and I would suggest workouts 5 days out of 7. Rest in itself is also a variable. For novices, a rest day can be doing nothing and getting both a physical and mental break. For anybody in good physical shape, then a rest day can be simply an easy exercise day (Marathon runners will take a rest day after the race…. but it will be an easy “no-pressure” short run. This will help speed the necessary muscle rebuilding. For runners, a rest day can simply be an excuse for X-training. Upper body muscles tend to be neglected with runners so can be worked on a rest day. Cycling is a perfect X-training exercise because it uses the same major leg muscles as running, but in reverse duties. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • You’re exactly right! A rest day doesn’t necessarily mean we stop moving, but that we work with a little less intensity or work a different muscle group. Thanks for the very important input, Colin!

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