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Spring is here for some of us in the world and many have the mindset that it is time to do some spring-cleaning.

I have to say I kind of jumped on the cleaning bandwagon and decided it was time for me to take the leap and become a self-hosted blog and design it and organize it how I would like. It was a lot of hard work, but several sleepless nights later, YOUnfolded is much closer to what I envision it to be.

There are now subcategories for the different types of posts that you can find on the blog and the layout provides the most recent posts for the main categories as well.

One of the new features I love is the ease of leaving comments. There are options to sign-in via WordPress, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter so that most of you don’t have to go through the tedious task of typing in your name and email just to leave your thoughts. If you are already signed in to any of the above, it recognizes your profile and you just type and send!

Move It Mondays and Pay It Forward Fridays will resume next week with a few more opportunities for all of you!

The Move It Monday link parties will have a feature that will make it easier to display your fitness-related posts and increase the likelihood that others will view them as well.

Also, with Pay It Forward Friday I want to remind each of you that you can have the opportunity to be featured either via a post, Instagram, or Twitter. There are many of you out there with talents you so freely express and share for the benefit of others so I would like to be able to pay it forward to you 🙂

The Tea Time posts will now be merged together with my monthly challenges so that I may not only keep in touch with what is going on behind the scenes, but also to tell you of what is to come. The challenges will start to be more of a theme for the month that you will see on YOUnfolded and sometimes it will be an actual task I will take on every day for the month to later share my experience.

Since Spring Clean is this month’s theme, there will be some posts that are around the theme of cleaning along with some extras that I need to “clean” out of my mental clutter and share with you.

As with the YouTube channel, I will be showing you the hairstyles I have done for the thematic photography my hubby and I have been doing. I will also share tutorials of the simple makeup I have done for the photo shoots under the Primp category on the blog as well as makeup tips I have learned along the way for beginners like me.

There have also been a few suggestions for posts from some of you that I have not forgotten about and you will see them real soon!

I am ready to do some tidying up around here and how about you? Partake in any spring-cleaning?

Thank you all for your support during my absence and recent changes. I can’t express enough how much your warm thoughts and well wishes mean to me 🙂

Much Love,



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14 Comments on Tea Time | Spring Clean

  1. Spring Cleaning here as well.
    I am doing a liitle decluttering everyday.
    Mind and body as well.
    The windows have been opened every day. I close them at night only so Danny won’t turn on the heat.
    I am so glad your blog is set up the way you want it.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Love you.

    • Mind and body decluttering is a must:) So great that you are taking some time for yourself and enjoying the fresh air of the outdoors. Thank you, Sarah:) Enjoy your Sunday as well!

  2. Congratulations on taking the bull by the horns and becoming a self hosted blog. It sounds like you have a game plan established and the energy to make it very successful. Wishing you much success on your endeavor.

  3. Yentl, your site looks great, love the new design. The logo is great, if I may ask, how did you make that? I love clean, uncluttered white websites. You look great in the photo too. Be well there!

    • Thank you, very much!! I like clean and uncluttered, too:) My husband is the one who made the logo using Photoshop. Together we picked out the fonts and colors we liked and he worked his magic:) He is a motion graphics designer and an up-and-coming photographer so he is the expert when it comes to that;)


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