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Finka Table & Tap Miami younfolded blogOne of the things my husband and I have always enjoyed doing is trying out new and unique places to dine out.

After we left in awe from The Phantom of the Opera, we worked up quite an appetite and decided to go to FINKA Table & Tap to wrap up an exciting day.

FINKA Table & Tap is a fusion of Cuban, Korean and Peruvian cuisines all inspired by different travels and experiences the chef has encountered. Fresh food, innovative cocktails, and craft beers. It’s a promise.

We started off with some refreshing beverages…

Fresh Watermelon Juice Finka Table and Tap Miami
Fresh watermelon juice was delicious!

As we were waiting, for our appetizers we were scoping out the stunning décor…

We were also laughing at the fun cocktail names…

We went with two appetizers that were recommended by our incredible waiter and we did not regret the choices!

Our main dish was the spicy kimchee fried rice with veggies, water chestnuts, fried egg, and scallions…Yum!

spicy kimchee fried rice from Finka Table and tap Miami
Genuine face; my hubby caught me off guard.

Can’t go without dessert and our final choice was a slice of heaven!

Everything was absolutely scrumptious and we will be going back for more!

empty dessert plate with used spoons on top
All done!

FINKA Table & Tap is located at
14690 Southwest 26th Street, Miami, FL 33175

Hours of Operation
Sunday – Thursday
11:30 am- 11 pm
Friday & Saturday
11:30 am-12 am

Is your mouth watering?

Much Love,

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14 Comments on Dine Out | FINKA Table & Tap

  1. For part of a Christmas present, “my son” bought tickets for his girlfriend and himself to go to The Phantom of the Opera this May. It is his girlfriend’s dream to see this show. Well, needless to say she was beyond excited! BTW, the reason I said “my son” bought the tickets was because of course Mommy & Daddy paid for them LOL! He’s 18 and is a high school senior so he still depends on us for most of his cash flow! 😊

  2. Such fun. This is such an important part of life. I guarantee that all readers will be genuinely smiling throughout this post. It is so easy to picture ourselves in the same situation enjoying the same type of experience. Thank you for giving me an evening out and enjoying myself on this lovely Tuesday afternoon! 🙂

    • We didn’t have room either…or at least we thought we didn’t lol We just had to try their dessert because everything they served was one-of-a-kind.


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