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Recycle or up cycle in the garden. Here is a pair of boots hanging from iron rebar. Boots contain plants of wild strawberries. younfolded blog pay it forward friday

Today is Earth Day and just like events like Earth Hour, it is an important reminder to take care of our planet that sustains life.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) constantly reminds us to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” as a means to protect our environment on a daily basis. “Reuse” can also be known as upcycle.

Many of you may already know the saying of, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” which is the whole idea behind upcylcing.

Upcyling is where you take things that could be considered trash and repurpose them to be of use for something or someone else.

Kuttlefish has taken the idea of upcylcing to a new and artistic level.

Kuttlefish is an online marketplace and community designed to show that materials are worth something, even after they are thrown “away.” 

Kuttlefish provides a platform where various artisans may sell and showcase products they have produced from recycled content and for buyers to have a selection of eco-friendly products to purchase.

Apart from the marketplace, Kuttlefish also has an idea sharing page where people from all over the world can share their upcycling ideas and inspire others to produce their own reuse projects.

I follow their Instagram (@kuttlefish) and I find many gorgeous ideas to repurpose products I never dreamed of before; all while reducing waste for our planet.



You are highly appreciated!!

You remind us everyday of how essential our planet is by highlighting its beauty that is one-of-a-kind!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Remember to protect the environment that has a sole purpose to give life.

Have you ever upcylced anything?

If you would like to share some pay it forward ideas, stories, and inspiration and/or if you know of someone or an organization you think should be highlighted in the series feel free to contact me at YOUnfolded@gmail or on my contact page for the opportunity to be featured! This is my way of paying it forward to all of you 🙂

Much Love,


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  1. It is important to remind everyone about our planet and the limitations we impose on it by irresponsibly taking it for granted. Just like anything in life, it requires effort and nurturing. Giving just a little more of oneself to safeguarding our world will benefit future generations. We can’t just think in terms of today!
    Thank you for sharing.


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