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Most of us spend most of our lives working and often times see our coworkers more than we do our own loved ones.

The promotion of health and wellness in the workplace is vital because work is such a major part of life for most, especially if the job entails sitting in front of a desk all day.

Ever since I started working from home, my activity level is not what it used to be when I worked in a hospital and was on my feet all day. My coworkers now also work remotely from home so I thought it would be great to implement a way to promote exercise and get us up and moving.

We are not able to meet during our lunch break to take a walk together because we all live miles away from each other so doing monthly workout challenges has been a hit!

The workout challenges usually involve a few moves each day so we usually follow-up with one another via instant messages on a daily basis to root each other on and feel proud about what we have been able to accomplish.

Working out with my coworkers, or at least talking about our workouts, has been a lot of fun and we have developed a greater bond with each other which makes working much more pleasurable.

I decided to share the workout challenges we have done to motivate each of you to find fun ways to incorporate worksite wellness to not only build a support system from the people you see most of the time, but also to increase job satisfaction as a whole.

Workout 1

We did a 28-day Squat Challenge and I got great results from it!

Click below for the challenge schedule.

The 28-Day Squat Challenge You’ll Want to Start Now!

Workout 2

Jiggle Free July Challenge

These workouts got tougher as the days progressed, but they incorporated the whole body. I also saw more definition on my legs.

Workout 3

My arms are the weakest part of my body and that is true for most women. Since all my coworkers that took part in the workout challenges were women, we all appreciated something that helped us build strength and trim a common trouble spot.

Bonus Workout

The following is a workout schedule that can be suitable for those who do work at an office alongside their coworkers:

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Each Monday I will feature a blog, blogger, and/or post to help keep us moving!

Featured Post

Bulgarian Split Squats

Deniza from Ask Deniza posts amazing workouts for the week and how to perform them correctly. One of my favorites is the Bulgarian split squat because it helps to change up the routine from regular squats and works various muscles. Be sure to check out her blog for more workouts!

Will you spark movement in your workplace?

Much Love,


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12 Comments on Move It Monday | Worksite Wellness

  1. LOVE your move it mondays! I am so happy you have started blogging again now. Your blog looks beautiful. Of course I joined the link-up! Let’s make this event GROW! <3

    • Thank you, my dear and beautiful friend! It’s nice to finally get passed some of the tech issues and start blogging:) Thank you for joining and I hope we can get more awesome bloggers to join in!

  2. You’re doing an excellent job of keeping fit, it seems. Incidentally, although the rest of me is nothing to speak of, the definition of my legs is pretty clear. (My legs: The pointy things under my tummy.)

    • Haha! Pun intended 😉 We can all find some way to keep our bodies in motion somehow, especially if we have a perfectly functional one. You said it right…no excuses! Thanks, Dr. Jonathan!

  3. Another suggestion, for those of us who tend to totally focus on the computer screen, is to have some kind of alarm/timing device nearby. Set it for (e.g.) 15 mins and, as soon as the alarm goes off, then get up and stretch those neck and shoulder muscles for a minute or two. Reset the alarm and get back to work ! 🙂

    • Taking breaks is so important! We should all take advantage of our breaks we are entitled to with our work to disconnect, stretch, and get some fresh air if we can. Thanks, Colin!


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