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May is all about the momma’s with Mother’s Day around the corner and it is also National Pet Month!

I consider myself a doggy mom so this month is full of excitement as motherhood is celebrated for mothers of either human kiddos or furry kiddos or both!

As we gather together for our monthly cup of tea, lately I have been using our Keurig to the max and I am currently enjoying the TAZO Calm Chamomile Herbal Tea K-cups that we found for a steal at our local TJ Maxx.

In the midst of a chaotic day, the tea helps me feel more at ease just with its gentle and warming aroma and flavor.

So as I am relaxing in front of the laptop with you, I am planning on putting together some pet-related content on YOUnfolded this month with some fun, real-life stories, a Pet Tag from my friend Amber, and a few more interesting surprises.

I also hope to be able to share what our Mother’s Day was like last year and how we will be celebrating this year.

I am continuing to work behind the scenes to make YOUnfolded more functional for my current followers as well as gain readership and active participation.

As part of my personal challenge for the month, I will be reading Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip Heath & Dan Heath. The goal is to learn more about marketing to help my hubby build his business as well as work on my future dream of being my own boss 😉

Be sure to check out the Move It Monday link party and spread the word to others that would like to connect with more bloggers and stay-tuned to have a pawsome month!!

What are you looking forward to this month?

Much Love,


*A very special thanks to my dear bluddy Colin from Me and Ray for taking the time to alert me of some of the kinks that needed work on my site and for being a loyal blog friend 🙂 His blog is all about him and his dog Ray so be sure to check it out to further celebrate National Pet Month!

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  1. Love and love you blog Nena still do not know how to get around but I am learning keep the good stories coming love you and love Zoey and Lehia


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