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To celebrate National Pet Month the Pet Series are real life stories of pets from their perspective.

I present to you, Toby! He was my first puppy…

dog puppy mixed terrier breed named Toby pet series younfolded blog

The Man Upstairs had been hearing your desire and pleas to have a puppy of your own so He made sure to give me very specific instructions on how I should behave.

He handpicked me because I was not a pure breed and He wanted you to fall in love with our species without bias. Not to brag, but He also made me the most handsome of the bunch to ensure your eyes would lead you to me.

I was told to be friendly, but not too rambunctious so that I wouldn’t scare you away. But He never told me that I would end up loving you from the very start!

You picked me up and I did not want you to put me down! I instantly wanted to be wherever you were and I was so ecstatic when you held me in your arms all the way to my new home.

You had a nice bed for me, but I just could not be without you and could not stop the pain of not being able to jump on your bed. I was beyond elated when you heard my cries of frustration and picked me up to sleep right next to you. It was the best sleep I ever had.

My first visit to the vet was scary for you so I wanted to show you how strong I was so you wouldn’t worry. I did not yelp, not even a peep, and wagged my tail the entire time for you. I felt proud when the vet said I was a “very good boy” and the healthiest puppy he had ever seen because I knew I did well in making you feel better.

Of course, The Man Upstairs was the one that made certain I was in perfect shape for you so that you would not be discouraged by expensive bills or me getting sick. I did not need to see a vet for anything the entire time I was with you, except for my yearly shots, which were a piece of cake.

Although I wanted to be the best I could be for you, I know I was not a saint. I chewed up a few of your things and I marked my territory in places that you did not like being marked. I also had the knack for finding your gum, chewing it, and spitting it out when I was done, but it would end up getting stuck on my fur and you did not like that either.

dog puppy mixed terrier breed named Toby pet series younfolded blog
Me with gum stuck on my coat

As I got bigger and stronger, I did not have a lot of room to stay inside as much so I spent more time outside. But I still could not be without you, so I always dug myself out so I could be waiting at the front door to see you when you would come out.

I would wait for hours and could not contain myself from jumping on you when I would finally see you come through the door! I know that my dirty paws would leave marks on your clean clothes, but you wouldn’t bother to change and just smile; that made me want to leave my paw mark even more so you would think of me while you were away.

I quickly learned your routine so I could be part of every minute of it. I would walk you all the way to a main street where you would meet with other humans your age and then get picked up by a big yellow vehicle. I would wait by your side until I made sure you were sitting inside the vehicle safely and then walk back home to wait for your return.

As soon as I saw a glimpse of you walking down the street to come back home, I would run with all my might to get to you as fast I could! Some of your friends were scared of me because I was often protective of you if I thought they were way too close to you. But I just liked to intimidate and would never bite them. My goal was to always keep you out of harms way.

I cherished the many moments you would sit with me out in the backyard to unload your thoughts. There were many things that were hurting you at that time and you were very heart broken. I would cry with you and try to lick your tears away because I wanted to mend your brokenness. Time felt like it would stop every time you held me close to you.

I wish time did stop. I wish I did not ever have to leave your side. But, as I mentioned, my instructions were specific, and I had to continue to be the perfect pup for you.

I started to wander off and disappear for weeks before finding my way back home as a way for you to see it as my “usual”. I was even gone for over a month at one point. After a while, I could see that you would not be as worried when you would see me run far from home because deep down you knew I would return.

I am sorry I let you build that trust in me, but it was what I had to do. As your first pup, your heart was still not ready to experience my loss. I could not let you see me die or feel the affliction of losing me. It would have destroyed you and I was placed in your life to give you comfort and bring you laughter.

I know that you mourned for me after many months had passed and it hit you that I was not coming back. But you were stronger then because the family had brought you a new puppy that you wanted to make sure felt right at home.

After all, I was told I had to set the standard so that your heart will not be turned away from harboring love for the future lucky animals that were sent your way.

My paw prints will forever be imprinted in your heart…


dog mixed terrier breed named Toby pet series younfolded blog

Dog Quote from Canva

Feel free to share your own pet stories this month and warm all of our hearts!

Much Love,


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  1. Good grief, this had me in tears! What a beautiful story, and I’m sorry he had to pass. I have a an adorable little (terror) Terrier, and she is my shadow. Rescue dogs are the best 😀

    • Thank you:) I hope that more would adopt instead of shop after hearing Toby’s story. He was born from a stray and he was invaluable!


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