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The concept of paying it forward is all about spreading kindness to mankind as well as all other living creatures. We are all familiar with kindness and our spirits are filled when we encounter it because it seems less prominent nowadays.

We feel discouraged by people not appreciating altruistic efforts and praising malevolent acts. Darkness can spread through a vast area, but a single candle flame can light the entire way.

Imagine how much more luminous light can be if there is more than one flame set ablaze. That is how simple acts of kindness can impact the entire globe; it starts with YOU.

Blogger Niki Lopez at The Richness of a Simple Life grasped this idea and started a Revolution of Kindness.

2016 Kindness Challenge

Niki has challenged people from all over to take hold of kindness in just 7 short weeks, not just to change the world, but to also ignite a fire from within.

We cannot and should not continue to allow success and greatness to be defined by stepping on others and degrading life. After all, those who touch the lives of others in a remarkable way are never forgotten and receive an immense fulfillment; that is the ultimate level of achievement!

A huge THANK YOU to you, Niki!

You have reminded us to bring back the KIND to the MAN!

Let us all join together in the #Revofkindness and revolutionize our world starting with YOU!

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How will you start your day with kindness?

If you would like to share some pay it forward ideas, stories, and inspiration and/or if you know of someone or an organization you think should be highlighted in the series feel free to contact me at YOUnfolded@gmail or on my contact page for the opportunity to be featured! This is my way of paying it forward to all of you 🙂

Much Love,


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14 Comments on Pay It Forward | Revolution of Kindness

  1. That is a chive! I grow chives each year but this year it didn’t get cold enough to kill the roots from last years planting and they grew by themselves and now I have this wonderful planter full of chives with all these beautiful purple flowers. I didn’t know they grew flowers. When you plant them from a small pot from the gardening shop they don’t get flowers. I was so pleased to see them this year. The smallest things can bring the greatest pleasure.

    • I didn’t know that! Very cool! I thought it was a very pretty and bright flower:) You’re right; the smallest things truly can bring the greatest pleasure:)

  2. I start my day answering the many questions I receive from fellow bloggers seeking ideas and answers to improve their health and quality of their lives. As I have mentioned before, offering help to others is the greatest gift I have given to myself.
    Keep spreading your wonderfully important messages by paying it forward.

    • Giving is so fulfilling and we gain just as much and sometimes more than the receiver. I’ll definitely keep trying to spread the kindness for others to experience the amazing reciprocal effect:) Thank you:)

  3. Such a wonderfull post. We can all stand to be kinder to each other as well as ourselves. I love these posts of yours Nena. They’re just so inspiring. I will make note of this challenge. Xoxo


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