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When it comes to exercise it is fun to try new things to keep you going. But there are some favorites that we enjoy and are worth repeating.

This past week I went back to some excellent workouts that were just too good to not repeat!

So let’s move it!

Day 1

Did this leg workout that can be for all levels. I added weights for extra resistance:

Day 2

The gorgeous and talented Keaira LaShae called this workout, “a beast” and with very good reason:

My legs were screaming! But I had fun exercising 😉

I was also very happy to see her on the BeFit channel and here is one her videos from there:

Day 3

Fitness Blender is probably my favorite workout duo and it is of no surprise that I would repeat one of their arm workouts more than once:

Day 4

Jillian Michaels is known to be tough and never fails to deliver with her workouts. The following ab workout is no exception:

Day 5

Stretching is so important so don’t forget to include it as part of your workout routine:

Time to repeat the Move It Monday party! Here is how you can join the fun:

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Each Monday I will feature a blog, blogger, and/or post to help keep us moving!

Featured Blog

But First Coffee Mom

Laura is the amazing woman behind the blog and she is one of the lovely hosts of The Family Joy Blog Link-Up Party that takes place Sunday-Wednesday. I had the honor of being featured on this week’s link-up and as a huge thank you I wanted to give all the hosts of the party a shout-out so that you may join their wonderful party as well! Click here on image below to check it out!

Thinking Outside The Pot

What exercises do you have on repeat?

Much Love,


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10 Comments on Move It Monday | Repeat

  1. I broke a sweat just looking at the “beast” workout but I love the energy and vibe! How did you do all of these in a week?! Major respect! Thanks Nena, great new workouts to throw into the mix, but I’m particularly keen to do Kaeira’s Tabata dance – such fun! (And by fun I mean brutal!)

    • Haha! Thanks, Gen! If I keep the workouts short I can fit it some brutal ones like these lol Keaira has such a fun personality! It’s like working out with one of your girls;)

      • Much respect to you! Can you do a twerk tutorial? I’m useless and your hip hop videos made me think how I’d love some lessons!

        • LOL! My family and friends would say, “Just come over Nena’s house anytime, especially when she’s cleaning, and she will provide free twerk lessons” LOL! I love hip hop dance and I might just venture in doing future workout videos with some of that in there. But you gave me a great idea to provide some hip hop dance videos as part of one of the Move It Mondays;)

  2. I promise you the men who read your blog DID notice you showcase ALL WOMEN. I’m assuming this assisted their cardio workout by elevating their heart rates just VIEWING the videos! 😀
    I appreciate you taking your time to share them. We must continue to provide options for people to help motivate them to begin changing their lifestyles. Your contributions are an important component. Thank you.

    • Your comment made me literally “laugh out loud”! So funny:p As long as they got some cardio exercise, then mission accomplished! Thanks, Dr. Jonathan;)

    • Thank you, Michel:) Hope you are doing well. It is always a pleasure hearing from you:)
      And yes, they are all very beautiful, talented, and hard-working women. Funny how I didn’t realize I showcased all women until now;)


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